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1999 kawasaki bayou won't crank


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I picked up a 99 bayou 220 a couple years ago for cheap, put it back together as a beater for my son. He rides the hell out of it. A couple weeks ago it won't crank, push the button it does nothing. He's been pull starting it. I can jump across the two large terminals on the solenoid, basically going straight to the starter, and it starts fine. How do I test the solenoid? There are only 3 wires, 1 hot, 1 ground, I thought the last one was the trigger but apparently not. Any ideas? Thanks

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Ok so maybe it’s the actual start button?   The manual can be down loaded in the download sections after you have 10 or more posts in the forum.  Some people post garbage and don’t contribute to the site in order to get to 10 posts.  Please don’t be one of them.  I will look at my manual as I have the same bike and currently going throug the harness to better understand my bike. So before we start are you familiar with trouble shooting ? Test light ? Tester ?  

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I familiar with using a test light and tester. The solenoid has three wires on it, black, yellow and I believe red. My thinking was the red is positive, black is ground and yellow would trigger the solenoid. That didn't work. There is another electrical widget with a rubber cover on it. I'm thinking it's a relay, but without wiring diagram I'm guessing. Are you familiar with the part?

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So with the ignition on you should have 12v positive on the brown wire. 

The green wire is going to the neutral safety switch that wire is essentially a ground.  You can test the green wire to a ground and see if the bike cranks with the starter button.  

If you don’t have 12v positive on that brown wire then you have to trace it back to the ignition where it gets power from.   

After that we need to look at two wires coming from the start button. I will explain what wires to test after that.  

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The part you’ve been jumping out is the starter solenoid, that should have two large wires that come from the battery and starter. (The ones you have been jumping)  There should also be a small fuse under a rubber cap and three wires  on it. A white a black and a black and yellow. The black is your trigger coming from the start button.   

None of which will work if the circuit is not complete like a safety holding it out etc. on my bike it was the neutral safety switch  that held out the cranking of the bike. Your problem may be different  but could be.  All I did was put a small jumper wire from ground to the light green wire on that small round relay with the rubber boot and the bike cranked and started.  You can try that  and see if it works. The brown wire on that same relay should have 12 positive, if not you can jump that from a 12v positive and see what happens but only if you don’t have the 12v present  on the brown with the key on! 

The other thing is the start button, they do go bad  and need to be cleaned or taken apart/replaced . You can find these wires coming from that start button harness just under the front plastic  there is a plug that comes from your switch  yellow/ red wire and a black. When you put a tester on both of them wires and press the start bottom you should have continuity on them (ohms) or use a test light and you should have 12 v on one when the key is on and 12v on the other when the start button is pressed. 



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Hey Frank, 

I jumped power to the black wire on the solenoid and the motor cranked and ran, so that rules out the solenoid. The green wire on the relay is grounded and the brown has power. I think that takes us to the neutral safety switch or the start button. Where is the neutral safety switch? Tomorrow I'll test the wires coming from the start button. Thanks for the help.

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If you have a ground to the light green and 12v on the brown the neutral safety switch is good.  You should loose the ground when you put the bike in gear that’s what the safety is for.  

The next place to look will be the start button.  Look for the wires on the handle  bars that come from the push start control and follow them down to the white plug. 

Look for the wires I mentioned in my earlier response at that plug, test them with a meter or test light so you can rule out that portion of the wiring and go from there. 

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Nice work brother you are very welcome! I’m glad it worked out. Don’t be a stranger to Quadcrazy.  After a few more posts you will be able to download the manual for that bike and have a better understanding of the wiring etc!  As well as maybe helping out the next guy! Hope the boy enjoys the bike and tell him to be safe while riding. 



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