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1990 kawasaki bayou KLF220-A3 parts diagrams

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i got a 90 bayou 220 and it was locked turning forward but free turning backwards. i turned it back and its been free. i been cranking it with electric start and it fired for a few seconds before it locked up again, and still turns backwards easy. i just pulled the motor out and getting ready to open it up. if its not worth fixing then im gonna cut it up and use parts on a golf cart


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well i actually bought it for salvage, to use parts off it for a golf cart, but if its no big deal, ill just fix it and keep it for my nephew, otherwise it becomes a golf cart. lol


when it fired this morning it didnt clank, clunk, or knock. it sounded good to me til it stopped abruptly. back up the crank and itll go again a few seconds before locking up again

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Ok so you need 10 posts first to be able to download a  manual. You should be there soon and be able to do so.  It’s worth the it. This site is invaluable when it comes to help and information.  

I have a newer 220 that I’m currently tearing into so I can be of some help. But there are others on this forum that will chime in and add some info. 

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they ran it out of oil and the connecting rod bearing has seized the rod to the crank. i gotta  separate the crank halves to see how bad it is. im googling  now to see if i can get those parts and what its gonna cost. other than that, this motor is clean inside and in great condition. id like to fix it and put the bike back together, otherwise it becomes a donor in a homemade monster golf cart of a sort. lol

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What a mess, but it looks like I only need to replace the connecting rod bearing ($29) and gasket set ($30). The hard part is gonna be putting that crank back together and getting it perfectly straight. Ill have less than $200 into this bike if this all goes well. So, i guess im not gonna be cutting it up for golf cart parts after all. 



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