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Frank Angerano

Thoughts on this new type set up

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So I’m always looking around on different types of pages on atv’s and new mods etc. lately I’ve been seeing a lot of this radiator mount super high up on the front end.  Some have integrated the snorkel into it as well.  Personally I’m not a fan but wondering what’s everyone’s thoughts on the way it looks? 





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Those are some aggressive tires! I am definitely  not a fan of the looks of those  quads. Those tires would be  useless here . No  snow or  sand to run them  on and I  am  not a fan  of  mud.

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The tires I get.  We get snow and I would think they would help.  But that front end is just out of whack when it comes to a proportional look.  It overpoweres the look of the bike.  I also feel like your head can slam down on it if you stop short for any reason.  

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the radiator relocator is useless to you unless you plan to mud or go deep in the snow- I would buy one of those (polaris though) in a heartbeat if I had the cash, but they are mud atvs- the manufacturer had one goal in mind: MUD..  I think I wouldnt like the loss of front rack usage, but I love the look (to a certain extent- If the radiator is too high up that you cant sit down and drive but have to stand on the bike to see over, thats pretty stupid) - I like the way polaris built their sportsman highlifters:




sorry those pics are small- they came right off images lolcome on eye roll GIF by NBA

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another thing I love about the highlifters is that they have their winch mounted high so you dont have to go swimming to get the winch out when you're stuck in a mud hole...  on those canams you posted, the winch is the first thing underwater haha

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I think they look sick. But I can do without the radiator in my face. Imagine bouncing your face off that. Omg. That would suck.

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