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2009 RZR sputters at speed

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Had the problem earlier this month. Found the air intake filter (K&N) covered in mud and cleaned it. Took it out this weekend and it worked great until I went on a longer ride.


After it warms up, it bogs down at about 20mph. Engine sputters. No change at full throttle. It runs fine at lower RPM. Once it cools off, I can run it at higher speed for a few minutes then it bogs down. Seems like there is an electronic component that overheats. Check engine display comes on when it happens. Did manage to complete our 34 mile ride though.


Buddy suggested the throttle position sensor. Will dig into the manual later on.







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8 hours ago, Tim-ANC said:

Checked the ECU code. Points to a TPS wiring ground or short issue

That might be your issue, isn't that the throttle position sensor? 

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Checked the connecter and wiring to the TPS. Seems good. This machine requires a special tester to check the component for proper operation and to adjust it if replaced.

Our Sportsman would use the same tester so I thought to buy one. Quick search on ebay and the official Polaris tester is (OMFG) is $1000!

Does anyone know of an inexpensive after market brand I can get or a work around to perform the test? It appears to have a power source and plugs in line with the wiring.

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Took it out yesterday. Still sputters at 20mph. Think I need to change the TPS. I looked online and some people have made their own testers. I don't feel like going through that effort. I'll change the switch and take it to an independent shop guy in my town for testing.

Got a good ride in at the Knik Glacier gravel bar even though it was slow. First time I was able to ride our "new" sportsman. I like it.98b7adf45feef84056a634193ebe45c4.jpg

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Nice pic.  You can buy the TPS calibration tool on amazon.  It comes with multi tap plugs for several types of set ups.  


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Thanks for the advise. I'll see what our shop guys says first. Need to visit him anyway. He's got a salvage yard and I need some fender flares for the RZR. It's a mud slinger. He might have some junk plastics I can make some from.

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