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Jordan Ritzman

Suzuki LT500R crank rod bearing seized

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Friction, so poor oil condition/incorrect oil? Engine overheating causing oil to overheat and burn?

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    • By bradleyheathhays
      Sadly this may be the last post I make on the old '11 Crown Vic (320k).  So yesterday I heard a quiet hiss coming from the front which turned out to be a very small radiator leak...in the middle of a fin somewhere.  Doing errands around town today I kept extra coolant with me and added it as it needed.  After filling it up I make a 60 mph trip to a nearby city about 20 miles away.  When I get to a stop at the bottom of the off ramp, I hit the gas it it doesn't move.  No extra lights on the dash except for the check engine light which was already on for something else.  I put it in park and back in drive, tried all the gears but got nothing, not even in reverse.  Thinking it might have something to do with my coolant situation I checked it and ended up putting in like 1.5 gal of coolant which is much more than it's taken before.  Only thing I can imagine is that the leak got worse on the interstate and I didn't notice it.  Did the no coolant issue cause the transmission to overheat somehow?  There was a slight burning smell in the cabin so something definitely overheated.  The overheat light on the dash never came on (I think I have one?) and the engine ran fine the whole time.  I was traveling at 60 mph though so I wonder if that would be enough to cool the engine off while the transmission still overheated?

      What in the heck happened and what do I do, besides sell the damn thing.
    • By Ed Zeppeli
      I have some wobble in my right rear wheel. Too much wobble.
      So I've torn into it and will need two bearings and two (different) seals. I'd like to get them locally if possible but need to know the number on the sides of the bearings and seals as I don't know that my bearing shop can source them by vehicle model. I'm told they're very common bearings.
      Any idea what the numbers are if mine end up being illegible?
    • By Alan Callison
      Hello boys and girls!:howdy:I need a little help if ya dont mind.I need to replace the rear axle bearings on my 400 but Im going at this blind having never done it before. Ive looked it up in the repair manual but it doesn't give any specific steps on how to do it. I've got the left rear brakes off already as I was replacing the shoes anyway. Can somebody give me a rundown on what Ive gotta do please?I know I need to pull the right wheel off just havent done that yet. Do I need to take anything apart in the final drive or elsewhere in order to yank the axle out for instance? Which side does the axle come out from,L or R? Any details I need to know will be greatly appreciated.Thanks ya'll!
    • By ATVsToday
      Congress Moves To Seize Control Of All U.S. Waters
      From Bathtubs To Baptismal Fonts, Congress Moves To Give the Corps of Engineers and EPA Control Of All U.S. Waters
      Issue: Having been slapped down by the U. S. Supreme Court’s two recent decisions that the words “navigable waters” in the Clean Water Act limited federal agencies to regulation of navigable waters only. Democrats and liberal Republicans in Congress are striking back.
      They are attempting to pass the Clean Water Restoration Act of 2009 (No House Number – S 787 In Senate) that would amend the 1972 Clean Water Act and replace the words “navigable waters” with “waters of the United States.”* Further, it defines "waters of the United States" with such breathtaking scope that federal agencies would be required to regulate use of every square inch of the U.S., both public and private.
      The proposed definition states: “The term ‘waters of the United States’ means all waters subject to ebb and flow of the tides, the territorial seas, and all interstate and intrastate waters and their tributaries, including lakes, rivers, streams (including intermittent streams), mudflats, sandflats, wetlands, sloughs, prairie potholes, wet meadows, playa lakes [a flat dried up area, esp. a desert basin…] natural ponds and all impoundment of the foregoing, to the fullest extent that these waters are subject to the legislative power of Congress under the Constitution.”
      Action Items:
      -----1.* No matter what else you do, please forward this message as widely as possible to your list quickly.* Time is of the essence.
      -----2. Please call, e-mail and fax your member of Congress to urge him or her to ask Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Rep. James Oberstar permission to testify in opposition to the Clean Water Restoration Act at the October 15th hearing.* This is the last hearing before any vote so it is critical to get as much opposition as possible.***
      This is really important.* Get your Congressman or Senator to testify at the hearing.* Oberstar will say the hearing is about enforcement by the EPA and Corps of wetlands under the two Supreme Court rulings that said the EPA and Corps could only regulate navigable waters.*
      But it does involve the Clean Water Act and the Clean Water Restoration Act and there will not be another hearing just on the Clean Water Restoration Act before the House Committee acts so you must act now.*
      -----3.* Check to see if your Congressman is on the updated Transportation and Infrastructure Committee listed below.* If so, you need to call, fax and e-mail him or her with white hot intensity over the next two weeks.*
      -----4.* Ask him or her to oppose the Clean Water Restoration Act, this new Federal land and waterpower grab.* You may call any Congressman at (202) 225-3121.* Ask him or her to write Members of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to oppose the Clean Water Restoration Act and send you a copy of their letter.*
      -----5.* Your deadline for testimony is Thursday, October 15th. .* You must deluge your Member of Congress with calls, faxes and e-mails immediately.* Get your friends, neighbors and business associates to call also.**
      -----6.* Call, fax and e-mail each Member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in opposition to the Clean Water Restoration Act.* It still has no number in the House but the Senate number is S 787.* You can look at that bill to get a good idea what the Oberstar bill will look like.*
      We have provided an updated and corrected staff and e-mail list below.* Staff is always changing.* If e-mail does not work, call the staff member to get the current e-mail.* Any Congressman can be called at (202) 225-3121.* This is a little work and you don’t have much time.* Failure to defeat the Clean Water Restoration Act would be a disaster for private property rights and Federal land use.****
      -----7.* Ask any organizations or groups you are part of to fax or******* e-mail a letter opposing the Clean Water Restoration Act.* Make sure they send you a copy and if you would, send us a copy also.***
      -----8.* You can send your testimony for the record to the following addresses listed below.* You must get your testimony in by Thursday, October 15th.** Try to get your Testimony in early.***** Send your Testimony to both the Majority (Democrats) and Minority (Republicans).
      -----Reminder -- Be aware of the legal concept called “laches” or “sleeping on your rights.”* You may lose legal rights later if you fail to comment or testify on the Clean Water Restoration Act.* So at least send a letter opposing the Clean Water Restoration Act.* It can be as short as one page or longer.*
      The Wetlands (No House Number Yet) Bill Gives Corps Control Over Your Property.* This is a game of hide and seek by Rep. James Oberstar who is trying to get his bill passed out of his Committee and he is not formally introducing it to try to limit opposition by you.* He is holding the coming hearing to try to prove that the EPA and Corps are having trouble interpreting the two Supreme Court decisions that said the Corps and EPA only had jurisdiction over “navigable waters.”*
      What he is trying to prove is that there is a need for his bill, the Clean Water Restoration Act, so he can get this massive land and water grab out of his Committee.* You are making the difference by keeping up your pressure.* Don’t stop now.*
      Please Fill Out the Wetlands Testimony Questionnaire Below And Forward It To your Congressman and the Committee.**
      Deadline – Thursday, October 15, 2009.* You must get your testimony in quickly.* Send it at least a few days early.* Don’t wait until the last minute.***
      -----Apology:* Yes, this e-mail is too long.* But this is such an important issue and affects so many people, we felt we needed not only to explain the issue but also give you the tools to impact your Congressman.* Please take the time to read it.* It may be one of the most important things you do this year.*
      By e-mailing, faxing or mailing the Testimony Questionnaire below, you can have a profound affect on the future of land use in America and you can personally make a difference in how Congress writes the law.* Don’t miss your chance to affect history.
      For additional background on the Clean Water Restoration Act and maps showing what the Corps and EPA Jurisdiction are now and what they would be if the Clean Water Restoration Act passes, go to - American Land Rights Association -.
    • By Toneloc
      Hey Guys, 
      I think I've got a bad ECU, but wanted to know if anyone has had similar problem before forking over the $200 for a new one.
      Bought this rig from a buddy last winter.  Buddy let me know on issue before purchasing.
      Occasionally the overhead light would comes on...even in winter rides.

      I have followed fan trouble shooting, it powers up when direct connected to 12 V power supply and draws correct amps per manual.
      Just recently, the light has come on when unit is cold and first started up. 
      Or sometimes if not on right away, overheat light will come on right after starting within a minute or two into ride.
      When fan comes on seems like it cycles on and off more than it should...
      Oil level is good and hoses seems fine....one hose will be hotter than the other when checking, so that tells me the oil is flowing through the cooler.
      Any ideas what temps should be from oil out and return?  I could check with infared heat gun...
      And most recently, now I just had an issue where the light for the AWD does not come on right away now after switching on.  Comes on and off intermittent when switch engaged.
      What do you guys think...is my ECU on the fritz?
      Thanks ahead guys...any other ideas to trouble shoot would be appreciated.
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