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That would explain the exhaust ticking sound...

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Usually a sign of a warped head where compression can leak by and burn/blow out the gasket or the head bolt is not tight or stripped.  
Secondly it could a bad gasket set your using? 
Either way it sucks, if you find the head warped and not going to mill it down then just throw two gaskets on it and tighten down in a cris cross pattern to make sure the gasket tightens down properly. 

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Maybe try a better head gasket and some of that liquid gasket with it?  Heck idk maybe throw some super glue in there too ya never know😂👍👍👍  sounds like my 350 warrior..blew its head gasket and also was leaking oil into the airbox thru the carb..but somehow still wasnt smoking lol

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Probably bad head gasket.  It was leaking oil between the cylinder and case so i stripped it down and put a new gasket set all the way through to fix the oil leak..which it did.  It wasn't a cheapie but anything can have an issue once in a while i guess.  Ordering up a new top end gasket set again and a pinion seal for the middle gear as it's pouring oil.

This bike is in that in between stage....between I've replaced everything and it should be good for many years and I'm tired of replacing stuff and it needs a new home!  Can't decide which.  Given the high/low range though it's tempting to keep because it'll turn big tires.

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Ha.  Got it back together, started first crank and idled like a champ.  But metal on metal clicking like it was about to blow apart.  Did some digging and found the exhaust rocker just a bit out of spec and a crushed oring on the rocker cover.  Just enough to get them to meet in the middle.  Adjusted the exhaust rocker, new oring, filed the cover a bit to clean it up and we're back to good.  With the oring crushing like in the attached picture, i'm suspect on the quality of the top end gasket set.  Thus....pretty sure the head gasket blew apart because it's crap if it's as bad as the orings.


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Yes.  I replaced every gasket from the base cylinder gasket all the way to the top.  The oring around the cam cover was also crushed like that...so just crap seals.

Sold it last night though so the haunted Kodiak is someone else's issue now.  Once the 300 is back together i have a 300 2wd Bayou bought that will be next in line.  It just needs basic maintenance and clean up.  bought it cheap and should be a good little utility ATV.  The Bayou is one of my favorites to flip because they are simple, cheap and reliable.

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