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My dad has that '96 Suburban i always talk about..

he has decided to do some things..

here are some pics taken TODAY.









THE 20''s:


this is whats already done:


Thrush Exhaust

20'' Rims

What is going to be done:

Paint [like a deep purpleish red.]

Lowered 2''

SS 'Burb decals

and whatever else we feel like.

BTW we just dropped it off to paint.


and i know this has nothing to do with quads but its fun to post stuff like this. [projects]

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That's a cool project TB.I have a '96 Caprice project that I'm slowly trying to convert to an Impala SS clone/hot street/strip/auto x car.If/when you start doing engine mods you should check out PCMforless.com .It's a company that reprograms the pcm for mods like gear/tire size changes,cam changes,bigger injectors,etc.Has your Dad had any transmission problems yet?My car has had the trans rebuilt twice and lots of fuel pump problems.I hope to completly rebuild the suspension along with lowering springs,aftermarket control arms,sway bars,etc this summer.

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What is going to be done[/u]:

Paint [like a deep purpleish red.]

Lowered 2''

SS 'Burb decals

Looks like it is a Fun Project.....But why in world would you LOWER a 4X4???? I do believe this is the first time I have ever heard of anyone doing this.....

If BuckBilly saw this there would be Corn Flyin out of his mouth:aargh::laugh::realmad::wink:

Love ya Billy!!!!

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  • 2 weeks later...

yes i said before [proves you people dont pay attention] new duals might be coming.

not anything HUGE like a supercharger but enough.

just quit breakin balls.

if you dont have anything nice to say about what were doing.

then just dont take the time to type it.

its not a place to bash anything.

we dont mean SS like "OMG ITS LIKE AN SS ZOMG IT MUCT DO LIKE 297423!!?!"

they just odnt make a tahoe/suburban SS and its fun to do custom paint,ss rims,hood, couple of performance parts and call it SS for fun.

SO, if you have anything negetive.

pm me.

noone wants to see you bash stuff.

i supose your gonna go to my quad thread and bash that too right?

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trailblazer, I'm not trying to be an a-hole about this. I'm not trying to bust your balls. I was just stating my opinion...if you don't like it, you don't have to acknowledge it...

To me, SS means it has a lot of performance to back up the looks. Exhaust and intake don't qualify as big-time performance in my book. However, I'm a big-time car and truck enthusiast (Jeeps and Tahoes in particular), so it takes a lot more to convince me or to gain my liking than it would the more common person. If you and your dad like your Suburban, that's all that matters. If it were up to me, I would change a few things, but this is your project, so have fun and make it how you want...there's nothing better than saying "I designed/built it myself."

And for the record, I was NOT going to bash your quad. I'm behind you on that project, it seems like it's a great learning process and a ton of fun as well.

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Ok people.... :policeman: Let's take a deep breath and let it out slowly! Everyone has a right to post opinions, after all that's why you posted this project, right TB? I am begining to feel like I am in a preschool with all the :cry: hurt feelings going around on this site... :huh::confused: Let's have a group hug and if you don't like what someone said, ignore it! Bashing only works if it gets a response...

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whoa whoa whoa sorry did not mean to upset. and no i went to ur quad thread and said it was an awesome atv, cause that paint is pretty fricken sick. So stop getting defensive i just stated an opinion if i knew i would piss u off i would have never said it.... So im sorry TB

dude its ok were all cool here.

im just saying.

most of the SS's have V6s anyway. [edit: let me take that back. the new ss has a 6.0 liter ls2.]

we have a Vortec V8 in this sucker.

that alone makes it about as powerful lol

it is custom paint btw.

you'll never see suburban like this one believe me lol.

no need to be srry im just a dick sometimes i cant help it =]


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