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My dad has that '96 Suburban i always talk about..

he has decided to do some things..

here are some pics taken TODAY.









THE 20''s:


this is whats already done:


Thrush Exhaust

20'' Rims

What is going to be done:

Paint [like a deep purpleish red.]

Lowered 2''

SS 'Burb decals

and whatever else we feel like.

BTW we just dropped it off to paint.


and i know this has nothing to do with quads but its fun to post stuff like this. [projects]

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Does that burb have the 454 in it? Or are you just putting SS decals on? My father-in-law gave us a

F150 that has the police interceptor in it(motor they use in police cars) with dual flowmaster pipes and a super chip/

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I used to drive a 1995 Suburban... LOVED that truck! Now it is retired except for large family outings... I'll see if I can find some pics to post.

My DH is trying to convert my Nova into an SS clone... LOL

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we made progress with both projects today.

[see TB project]

we took the taillights, hood,fenders, and some other body parts off..

ready to paint soon.

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That's a cool project TB.I have a '96 Caprice project that I'm slowly trying to convert to an Impala SS clone/hot street/strip/auto x car.If/when you start doing engine mods you should check out

This link is available to logged in members only. Please login or register to view this link.
.It's a company that reprograms the pcm for mods like gear/tire size changes,cam changes,bigger injectors,etc.Has your Dad had any transmission problems yet?My car has had the trans rebuilt twice and lots of fuel pump problems.I hope to completly rebuild the suspension along with lowering springs,aftermarket control arms,sway bars,etc this summer.

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Just out of curiosity, do you guys buy your aftermarjet parts online, through a catalog like (jegs, summit), or at an autoparts store?

I used to have an 86 Transam and an 84 Camaro.

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actually the filter and the exhaust was on it when we got it..

and the taillights,and the silver chevy emblem came from a little autoparts store and we got the newer 20's from a guy my dad knows..so no..no parts online..


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I get most of my stuff from local parts stores but I have had luck on Ebay. I haven't purchased much through regular online vendors.

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What is going to be done[/u]:

Paint [like a deep purpleish red.]

Lowered 2''

SS 'Burb decals

Looks like it is a Fun Project.....But why in world would you LOWER a 4X4???? I do believe this is the first time I have ever heard of anyone doing this.....

If BuckBilly saw this there would be Corn Flyin out of his mouth:aargh::laugh::realmad::wink:

Love ya Billy!!!!

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just 2''.

just to get the wheels closer to the wheel wells to make it look better

we dont like..go muding and stuff wth it.

just haul the boat and jetskis.

which it does easily.

so i dont see a problem.:laugh:

Oh yeah EDIT: my dad also picked up a ram air hood for it.

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Nice looking truck, except for the taillights.

Paint it flat black and lower it a little...then it will be "SS" worthy.

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tailights are bitchin'.

flat black is ugly.

and we are lowering it.

and it is already "SS Worthy"

we even have a set of 20'' rims that were on the SS.

o yeah. my dad mentioned putting duals on it.

hope he follows through =]

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How is it "already" SS worthy? Just because of the wheels and altezza taillights?

SS used to be about appearance AND performance. Your Suburban has very small power modifications done. How does it qualify as an "SS?"

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its not done yet.

there is much to come.

so shut up.

noone asked your opinion on what makes it "SS worthy"

and they arent altezza lights.

why you gotta break balls man.

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are u guys planning on doing anything big to the engine? are u adding an exhaust? yea not to bust ur balls but i agree with roody that it isn't really SS worthy

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yes i said before [proves you people dont pay attention] new duals might be coming.

not anything HUGE like a supercharger but enough.

just quit breakin balls.

if you dont have anything nice to say about what were doing.

then just dont take the time to type it.

its not a place to bash anything.

we dont mean SS like "OMG ITS LIKE AN SS ZOMG IT MUCT DO LIKE 297423!!?!"

they just odnt make a tahoe/suburban SS and its fun to do custom paint,ss rims,hood, couple of performance parts and call it SS for fun.

SO, if you have anything negetive.

pm me.

noone wants to see you bash stuff.

i supose your gonna go to my quad thread and bash that too right?

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