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What's the best kid's atv?

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Bandit said:
the only trike i have ever had was the BIG RED!

Big Reds are KEWL....I wish I owned one....Anyway,,,,,KidsATV....Since you have some Trikes I would like to invite you over to My home away from home....

www.3wheeler.org I have the same user name over there....Lots of useful info....Hope to see you there....:cool:

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About how old are kids when they first start riding? I know its probably parental preference. Im just curious what most start at.

I started my Son at 3 on the Kazuma 50....I Chased him around with a Tether for about 5 min. (Seemed like an Eternity!!!) Then just let him go....He took to the Sport like Fish to water....Now he has a 06 TRX90...Been riding that for 6 mos.... He will be 5 yrs. old on the 27th of this month:D He wants to Race it....He has the Skill to do so but Mom says Thats not gonna Happen until he is at least 6....We will See about that;)

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Guest Fox300exchic

Well my son is only gonna be 1 dec. 20th. So he still has a few years. I just wanna make sure I know my facts and information when the time comes. When it does...its gonna be GREAT!! :D

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