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2000 Yamaha grizzly 600 no spark

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Hi, I have a grizzly 600 from 2000 that has been giving me headaches for a few days.  it has no spark.  I checked everything I could according to the manual and everything was within the parameters and I came to the conclusion that I need to replace the CDI .... when I did the measurements I did not check if the orange cable that goes from the CDI to the induction coil has a connection to  ground (I just checked if it had continuity and it did).  after I put a new CDI and I still had no spark, I saw that somewhere under the fuel tank there was a bunch of cables that were a bit crushed and there that orange cable was stripped and had a connection to the chassis.  what are the chances that the new CDI will be fried because of this?


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When the cdi discharges normally it's going through a coil with nearly no resistance anyway..

And, once that wire shorted the engine stopped, so apart from your cranking it over it shouldn't have fired many times.

It might be ok still.   Repair the wiring and try it..

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Thanks Mech for the prompt reply, I've already done this...basically replaced the cable from the CDI to the induction coil, but unfortunately no positive result. Last night it was already too late to work anymore (UTC +2 my time zone), but first thing in the morning ..that is in 2 hours... I will resume work and hope to find the solution. I will make an update after I find the problem....if I find it of course :)

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Thanks Tiha,

I have the wiring diagram but today is already late,

I will do that tomorrow...

But I don't know exactly if the CDI have a connection directly from battery, I've checked today the voltage at all the wires that r connected to CDI and didn't get anything....and don't know exactly witch wire need to be with 12V....on the diagram that I have can't read very well what's written...is pdf and when I'm maximizing is blurry.

Thanks for your help!

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Eugen, if you test the stator and the trigger coil resistances from right at the cdi they you are also checking the wiring at the same time. Then check for power and good earths right at the cdi. If all those are good then check for output from the cdi when it gets triggered. You could use a test light with a bulb..  the bulb will probably blow but as long as it's not glowing all the time, but just flashing brightly(and possibly blowing), then it is charging the cd and it is triggering.

If you have a read in "looking for a cdi... ", I've just posted some general notes about diagnosing faulty cdi/wiring/stator and triggers, and some other things that can cause it besides electrical faults.

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  • Solution

Mech thanks for support!

I managed to find out the problem....

Grizzly arrived at me from another garage with no spark problem, the people where it was changed the stator and the sensor, the induction coil and the CDI...all new...I found the faulty wiring (you can see in the pictures above  ) which I fixed...today I took the stator down again and found the receiver sensor mounted wrong...now it works perfectly.  Thank you for your support! and as a bonus you can see in the video what surprise I found behind the flywheel

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Ha..  The other "mechanics:..  They had a spare washer so just tossed it in there.. Good spotting.

Well done finding the wiring problem.. It's funny how often people start throwing expensive parts at things without even checking the wiring or switches..

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You know Mech, everyone is trying to fix their problems with small amount of money...and is understandable.... but sometimes they don't understand that probably at the end they spend more that they thought of..... 

I'm glad I managed to find the problem...

I'm pretty sure that the wire harness was the main problem....the pickup sensor was wrong fitted by the other guys.

Thanks everyone for support!

Greetings from România!

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Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a 07 bb 400 4x4 im trying to get my posts up to acc the downloads my bb wont start via push button i have traced everything and no chaffed wires or anything bad that i can find it will turn over via jumping solenoid posts i changed solenoid and made sure ground is good and voltage is good am I missing something i only see 1 ground which is from battery to frame is there supposed to be one from motor to frame also

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Did you check your starter cutout relay, there are 2 relays in harness 1 is starter cutout relay and the other is the reverse relay, they are little square boxes in the wiring harness, mine were blue OEM, but my replacements were black. That got my starter working from button.

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