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1981 Honda ATC 200 Air/fuel issue

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Hello I have a 1981 Honda atc 200 I recently rebuilt starts first, second pull no problem, changes through the gears no problem but the only problem I am having is when I give it gas it pops an sounds like it is choking out. I picked up a carb for it seamed too help but still bogs alil when giving it throttle an loses some power…also I have too run this new carb on half choke, any advice would help thanks 

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The popping, if it's out the carb then it's running too lean. It sounds like too lean anyway from the description.

Are you sure the cam timing is right ? Are you sure the valve clearance is right ? Those could cause it.

Are you sure the spark plug is good, the right one, and set right ? That could cause it.

Are you sure there is enough fuel getting into the carb ? Have you tried undoing the drain screw on the bottom of the carb and checking fuel keeps running out at a good rate even after the carb has drained ?

Does it idle nicely ? Are you sure there are no air leaks into the inlet manifold ?

Could the exhaust be blocked ?

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No it don’t use a battery , today I adjusted the values help alil..what is confusing me is everything like the fuel/air screw or like Adjusting the valves or the cam timing chain tension helps alil but not enough…but today I was riding it I have good power in 3rd an 4th but 1st and 2nd gear wants to hesitate an bog. 

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My experience is the aftermarket carburetors run too lean I would compare the jet sizes from the old to the new and see if they match, I think Mech and KP covered most of the fixes, the only thing I might add is you could go up on jet size, or drill them out, but if you drill them out, you have to be careful not to get them too large.

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How long have you been running it without a battery ? That might be the trouble. 

And Gw's right about after-market carbs.. they always need stripping and checking before use, then some tuning quite often. Unless the old carb is badly worn in the slide I'd reuse that. The way you are describing it I'd suspect that if it is a carby issue, it will be something wrong with the main emulsion tube, that's the brass tube going from the main jet up to the slide needle. The tube has tiny holes in the side that need cleaning, and the drilling it fits into needs to be clean, and the air jet near the air-cleaner end of the carb needs to be clean.

Oh.. the breather hoses need to be clean.. 

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That’s the thing..I can’t turn no light switch or anything because the guy I got it off of has it running with only one coil in the stator when it should has two, one for the Ignition which is there an the coil for the lights are not there. Didn’t know it could run like that honestly, I was starting too think the stator is the problem because I checked my plug today an she’s clean so I’m not touching the carb anymore. 

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It may be Mech, you mean timing or weak spark, listening to it again I don't hear it at idle, but when you rev it up it sounds like an engine running with the choke on after its warmed up. What I mean is when you first start a cold engine you turn the choke on, after it warms up the engine starts popping like that until you turn off the choke then it runs normal. Maybe running with the choke half on is restricting the air flow it needs causing the popping, are you sure its the right bore carb for that bike.

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