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So I was riding along . . .

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Lol..  one nil to the hill.

Lucky it wasn't worse. A stick try to take out your eye did it ?

I've been caught out by the odd one poking out from the side of the track. Ya think you'll just sneak past, but it catches and swings and next second it's trying to stab a hole in you before you manage to stop the bike.. 

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Tried . . . failed. got a heck of a shiner from it.

I'm good at ducking and rolling into the unexpected but oops, ya git hit once in awhile anyway.

That last large blow down top was the one that got me.

If ya look close as Im walking back after picking up my helmet and cam, you can see stick poking up from the front of my bike.

It (one in a million?) slid up in the adjustment slot on my gun (moose) fork and that whipped the tree top down under the visor.

I thought I was going off until my lid went flying.

Still a good ride and a good day.

If Id been on the throttle it would have been bad.

Ill take a chainsaw next time . . . once was enough.



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When I go near the woods I carry a handsaw, a machete, wedges, a snig and a regular chain, and a come-along. I've used the chains to move trees and to get me up steep hills/drops I'd foolishly gone down. It all fits in a fish bin that's fitted with flat steel hooks that tuck under the front rack so it can be a dumper. Then there's the shovel, spade, long handled slasher all bungied on one side.


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