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DrtygrlKristin and I started our own business designing custom logos and such. We can do # plates, Graphic kits, t-shirts, stickers, banners, ect...

If you have any questions about pricing and such contact us at [email protected]

Our Website is still being created.

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We can do orders as small as 1 shirt or 1 sticker. Any size stickers.

$50 will get you a 100% custom logo to your exact likings. We give you the logo in a file that allows you to do anything you want with it, any size.

Thanks guys.

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Good luck!

Got any examples of your work or will that be on your site when it's up? Let us know when yoru site will be up.

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For some reason when I upload the JPG file anywhere all it shows is the little red ex. Even when I load it to QC?

That's odd...attach it to this thread and we can see if it opens..

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I don't know why. We have copies of all of our work in .JPG format. I can see them on photobucket but when I post them somewhere they turn to X's. I tried to put them all in one album and send a link to that, but when I put them in their own album they turn to X's. I uploaded them to QC and they are just X's??????

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Ha Ha.. I got it.

These are going on my TRX450


For some reason the JPG versions chop the top of my 7.


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These are going on a TRX450R with White plastics and orange frame... Sick quad. I will post pics of the plates on the machines ASAP

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Here are our team racing jerseys...


My dads,








Motosport has offered me Rider Support, that is why their logo is on it.

These are just our design to show motosport, Everything will be perfectly even on the actual jersey.

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      Being new to this form, I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Chris, and I am currently working at California Hydro Graphics. I use to be an employee at Oregon Hydrographics and also, Waterdog Surface technologies. I decided to go on different endeavors and travel out of my comfort status and take an adventure. Currently California Hydro Graphics is located in Santa Clarita, CA, 2 miles from Six Flags Magic Mountain. With having been in this business since 2005, I am very well educated of the ins and outs of Hydrographics. I will never let a product leave my door, unless i have seen it before shipment, with the upmost, reliable quality and in the same working order it came in the door. So if you're interested in getting some things done, feel free to hit me up, contact information will be below.
      I will be showing off some of the things I have done in the other facilities and current. That way you guys can take a look at my resume, so to speak.
      Hope to chat with ya guys.
      [email protected]
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      These are some 100% custom graphics and numbers we made for a TRX250R. We have a template for that quad, if anyone knows someone who wants custom graphics for their 250R, let me know.
      We are currently making templates for other quads too.

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