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2009 Kawasaki Brute Force 650i shifting problems

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I have a 2009 Kawasaki brute force 650i that I bought from a salvage dealer. When it was bought it had 98 miles on it. Everything that was broke was fixed including a new crank and piston rings (the motor was apart). However one problem remains it will shift in all gears but will not engage in all gears. The shift linkage can be adjusted so that it shift to all gears but low does not engage or it can be adjusted so that it shifts to all gears but reverse is not engaged. I just can't get both low and reverse to engage with any adjustment. Also the only indicator light that ever comes on is the neutral. I have been told that the shaft might be bent or the bracket on the end. They both look good to me. Any suggestions.

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Sorry for the late response, I did not see this post until now, it must have been moved in from somewhere else.

If a bracket was bent, or something was reassembled incorrectly, that could cause the problems you are having. I would look to see if there are any parts in the linkage that could possibly be put on differently, possibly a bracket that needs to be turned around. Maybe there is a bracket that could be bent a little and you can't tell because you have only seen it the way it is now. You might try bending something to help gain some more adjustment.

I will be adding the year make and model to this thread title.

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