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Custom quad with a Harley Engine

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Just stating to get into quads and starting out in a big way. My fiance, her brother, and I have started building these:


The frame is custom built by my future brother-in-law from the ground up to accomodate the Harley-Davidson Sportster engine. Currently we're using 883cc engines but we plan on building a 1200cc version with more race like suspension. We wanted to give it that Harley look so we put a 3.3 gallon tank on it and a Sportster seat...which actually works out well for off-roading surprisingly. The exhaust, a-arms, and various other little odds and ends are also completely custom made. We even mold the carbon fiber body panels.

We're going to take her out to the desert this weekend and have a little fun with her. Going to be a blast. I don't want to post a ton of pictures here so I'll just add a couple more of my favorites.


We even took it to a Harley Open House just to see what they thought of it. This guy seemed to like it:


I hope to get more pictures this weekend of it in action but we'll see if my photography skills are up to par. :)

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MSRP starts at $10,990. Right now we are offering a free upgrade to the carbon fiber body panels (normally they come with black fiberglass). That price includes the polished swing arms, stock engine primary cover and cam/pulley cover, and black controls. Keep in mind that these are all custom built, one at a time. The frame is not an existing Harley or Quad frame that is then butchered up and welded back together. This frame is brand new and built by us specifically for this application. So are the front a-arms, steering, tie-rods, handle bars, and nerf bars.

Of course, because it is a custom build so we can do just about anything else at a cost. Custom paint on the tank, different controls, different grips, different tires and wheels, different powdercoating options on the frame (or chrome it if you really want to go nuts), different seats, upgrades shocks, ect. We could even build one like this with a 1200cc engine in it if the customer wanted it. We can do a 1250 with heads, cams, different programming in the ignition and roll out a 90+ hp quad.

The great thing about this engine in a quad is the amount of torque you have across the powerband. You don't have to do a lot of shifting to keep the engine in a "sweet spot". When you grap the throttle, you have power to move you. It's not revvy...5900-6500 is where these motors top out at depending on setup...but the transmission is geared so that you can really get this thing moving. We've had it up to 55 mph offroad and 80 mph on road and haven't got it out of fourth gear...it has five gears. :)

Really the sky's the limit and that's why we decided to go this route is because the cruiser community has so many different options out there all ready we felt we could take advantage of that to produce a quad that is highly customizable.

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Thanks Dirt Demon.

We took her out to Glamis last weekend for a little shake down run and had a blast.



It definately got a lot of looks...



We plan on taking it back out this weekend for a little more fun in the sand and maybe get some video of it running.

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