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  1. Tagels, the kicker was she was a really cool person too. We talked to her for a long time.
  2. Robotech

    Iron Horse 883

    Yep, that's the idea. Something a little different out on the dunes.
  3. Robotech

    Iron Horse Quad Frame

    Well, we sell the whole quad. And this is pictured with our gen II Carbon Fiber. The Gen III stuff we produce now is MUCH nicer looking.
  4. Robotech

    She's Stuck!

    Anyone else see this as being a really bad idea???? I mean, gassing it like that while standing off the ATV and with your feet right by the rear wheel??? I hope someone finally helped her.
  5. It is deceptive as they were definatly up to Hooters standards with their jackets off. They had just pulled into the parking lot and I tried to convince my partners to wait until the weather got warmer before asking them to come over to take the pictures but they were a little over zealous. LOL
  6. Do you know how to read plugs? If not, do a search on the net on how to read spark plugs. Your plugs can tell you a lot about if your engine is running lean or rich. It's not perfect but it will get you in the ball park. Other than that a dyno tune is really going to be the only way to get the fuel/air ratio perfect.
  7. DirtDemon sounds like he nailed it. Looks like the fuel bowl overflow tube that we have on Harley carbs. Clean up the carb and see if the problem persists. If it does, you'll probably need to find out what kind of carb you have there and get some sort of manual for it to see what would cause fuel to flow out of that hose.
  8. I'm nowhere in this photo...thank god...though you may have too look really closely to see the quad. (I swear it is there...) And just in case I do have to be in it...I'm the guy on the right.

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