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1999 Kawasaki Lakota 300 stalling problem.

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Curious what is the main function of the stator?

I hooked an ohm meter to mine and the values are off from what is noted in the Clymer book.

I am having some running issues with the bike but it's not too bad, mainly the bike does not like steep hills The hill it refuses to climb is (on a clock between 1-2 o'clock) it'll go about 1/2 way and lose all power. on the other had the hill next to it varies between 1-3 o'clock and is a little bit of a longer ride I can climb that with no problem.

other than that after the bike has been rode for awhile say an hour or so I get some (but not always ) hesitation and slight backfiring in gears 1 & 2 every thing runs smooth in gears 3-5

I started checking all of my electrical system and so far the stator is the only thing with mismatched numbers. I have not tried the rectifier test yet for I don't have 3 12v batteries to run the test.

The only thing I can figure that is wrong with the bike possibly causing my power loss is from the stator, but without knowing what it's actual purpose is, I can't say that for sure.


BTW. the bike in question is a 99 lakota

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Thanks DD, though the bike never really stalls, it just loses all its mojo. kinda acts like it's back in neutral when climbing a real steep hill.

I tore the carb apart lastnight and hit an issue, someone torqued the crap outta one of the jets and I can not get it out, I forget which one it is; pilot jet I believe. It's the jet that where are three jets side by side this is the one that the head of it is way down in the hole.

does anyone happen to have a tip on how I can free this brass jet without destroying my carb?


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When you say it's like it is going into neutral, do you mean the motor is still running ok and the power isn't getting to the wheels, or the motor just loses power? If the head strips off, try soaking it in PB Blaster or something similar, drill the hole out enough to get a small easy out in there. Before you try to extract the jet, try giving it a sharp tap on the top with a small screw driver and a hammer, hopefully that will help shock the threads loose and help with the removal.

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Thanks, I was a little hesitant in using an extractor on a brass jet :)

Any ways I went ahead and placed the carb in some boiling water and ran a thin copper wire through the jet to make sure it wasn't clogged, interesting enough when I removed the diaphragm there was 2 springs in there, looking closer to it the orig spring looked like it was cut there was a perfect line up on both ends.

Oh the joys of used items lol

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