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2000 yamaha warrior not running


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Hey I am having the same issue with my warrior. I have a 2003, I know there are some differences in electronics and other minor things, the stators are different, but let me say this, If you are not getting spark to the plug, even by pulling the plug out and touching it against the exhaust near the cylinder. The first thing you replace is the cheapest thing, spark plug, if that doesnt fix it, replace the ignition coil, if that doesnt work its a toss up between the stator and the voltage regulator. I talked to some yamaha guys at Champion Yamaha here in Mesa, AZ, and they said when warriors have electrical problems 9 out of 10 times its the stator. So far on mine I have replaced the spark plug, the ignition coil, the voltage regulator and will be replacing the stator some time soon, I got caught up buying a used carburetor because mine had a frozen pilot screw. Took a hammer to my old carb. so i rebuilt the new/used one i got from craigslist. I haven't touched my cdi yet. Hoping its good, if its not im getting a no-rev limiter. I just bought a stator off of ebay, the guy said it was a 2002 warrior stator, when i got it, the connectors were different so i talked to the guy he told me to send it back, and i'd get a full refund. come to find out its for a 1996-2001 warrior. He said it was pulled from a running quad, I can talk to him again and see if he wants to sell it to you for the same amount i bought it for which was $69 shipped. in my experience you don't want to buy used oem or cheap electronics like RMstator canada crap, sorry Canadians. Ricky Stator ive heard is very good, also the yamaha guys said buy moose racing stators, they are ricky stators but $60-75 cheaper. But I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that your stator is bad. wouldn't hurt to check your other parts like your spark, ignition coil, and voltage regulator. I also have a Haynes book for 1987 through 2003 Yamaha Warrior. Let me know what pages you would like to see, and what specs you need, and I will scan them and email them to you.

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Well, I replaced the cdi box and now it doesnt stay running. It blew the spark thing out of the exhaust pipe. I didnt even have the four wheeler for a week and it broke down. I think my boyfriend and I will take it into a yamaha dealer and have them look it over.

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Most likely it is your stator. I got my warrior about 9-10 months ago and i only got to ride it maybe 3-4 hours and the stator stopped working, and the pilot screw being froze it was running lean and overheating. so it would run for about 20-30 minutes then shut down. so im still waiting on testing the nerf bars meant for a yfz450, and my custom built wheelie bar with skateboard wheels. :)

Oh and the dealer will charge you an arm and a leg for something that can be figured out with just process of elimination. Ive heard they charge near $400 just for electronics testing, when you can buy all the electronics for around the same price, with yamaha you will spend $400 for the testing then another 400-600 for OEM parts. Its retarded, you do get to narrow down what part it is thats broke, but why not just replace them all with racing quality parts to begin with?

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