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2000 Kawaski Bayou intake valve lifter assembly

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Could you please post the engine size of your Bayou so we can add it to the thread title. You can get to the rocker arms through acces holes underneath cover plates on the front and rear of the head. On the side, there is a round cover that allows you access to the camshaft. I think you can pull the rocker shafts out from behind that cover as well, after that, you should be able to remove the rockers from the holes at the front and rear of the head. It is kind of a pain in the as* that Kawasaki apparently didn't see it necessary to just use a regular valve cover, but you can get to the parts without completely tearing down the motor. I imagine that you will want to remove the fenders and fuel tank to make access easier.

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I have access to the rocker arms through those covers but I can't seem to get it out. The rocker for the intake is very loose even when adjusted down and when the valve rises it slaps the rocker. It's very loud. The exhaust side is good and the thing runs OK. Starts good, idles good, runs good (but slow, good for the wife) but that rocker is slapping bad. I assume this will wear out the valve or the rocker pretty quickly. Would the rocker possibly be broken off inside. It's so damn hard to see inside even with the body and tank off. Really don't want to take the motor out. I'm new to the repair of ATV's (and four strokes) but this think really isn't worth paying to have fixed. In reguards to the cam cover. Is this the timing chain I'm looking at in there? If I remove that to get to the screws behind the sproket that I am assuming are what's holding in the rocker am I gonna have to retime this thing? As for the engine size, hosestly and stupidly I don't know. Bought it off a friend of a friend for next to nothing for my wife as she is new to the ATV world. I'm new to ATV's as well. I've been riding Honda 250 bikes since I was a kid (and road bikes since I was 17). Couldn't teach the wife how to ride a motorcycle so four wheels and an auto clutch was a good choice. No decals left. He said it was a 300 but I really don't think so. It's really got buttkiss for power, and what's up with the worthless 1st and for that matter 2nd gear? Call me dumb but is the size stamped somewhere? I know they made a 220 and a 300 in 2000.

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Yes, the cam and probably rocker shaft access should be behind the timing gear. If you put marks on the chain and sprocket before you take it apart, you can line them back up when you put it back together. You need to be sure to not let the chain come off of the crank, or make marks on the chain and sprocket down there for reference when you put it back together.

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