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Snow Plow for 2003 Kodiak 400


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The weather has been terrible here the last few days and I am watching my neighbors struggle to get out.

I have a 2003 Kodiak that I have owned since new and hardly have a use for it.

So I was thinking about putting a blade on it and using it to push the road clear for my neighbors.

What have you guys found to be the best setup?

I was thinking:


60-72 inch angled blade

What else might I need.

Does anyone have part numbers and/ or links to the parts?

Thanks for the help and consideration.

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Dream Car Giveaway

Thanks. For the help.

I just pulled the trigger.

The total was 568.00


Plow blade mount

Plow Blade

ATV mount

Wench Mount

Blade skids

Snow control flap

My neighbors are worth 600.00, but not much more than that.

Besides, it might put me in better graces with them since seven months out of the year my

friends are racing sportbikes in front of their houses.

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A 2000lb wench is a heavy girl, there is bound to be some ugly stuff under those fat flaps. Sorry, I just had to do it. Wench is an old English term for a lower class/peasant girl or woman, or sometimes used to describe a promiscuous woman or prostitute. A winch, on the other hand is a device usually used on off-road vehicles to aid in negotiating difficult terrain, or getting one's vehicle un-stuck. I am not trying to be an as*, it is just the OCD part of my brain that makes me feel the need to correct some things. However, I think that is a good setup and a good deal for quality products, Warn is as good as it gets when it comes to winches. That other plow, is nice though, but like you said, a bit pricey. I think you made the right choice, now you can actually get some use out of your ATV. It always kills me to see good things like a nice quad just sitting around not getting used. Happy plowing.

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In early 2004 my wife just had to have an ATV. She wanted the blue 2004 model.

But I found two 2003, which are the same bike new in a dealership for about 1500.00 less each.

Because anything I get my wife wants one, too and vice versa.

So, I bought two for 9K a green one and a tan one.

At the time we lived in FL and had a grove in the back yard and Croom 1000 feet away.

I would actually ride mine, more for driving through the grove with a garden trailer, to manage the trees.

Hers just sat around collecting dust.

I put them up for sale this past summer and sold hers for 2500.00.

When I say it looked like brand new...

The guy who bought it was very happy. Need I say more.

I use mine here to haul concrete bags down the mountain side.

Or haul firewood off of the mountain.

A snow plow would be just fun winter play that could make my neighbors happy.

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Josh, you beat me to it hahaha

I was gonna comment:

Point of grammar: The woman at the end of the bar with Marlboro lines in her face is a WENCH, the motor you use to pick up your plow is a WINCH.

If yer under 600 bones and you install it yourself that's really good!

I used to plow our road with my 8N Ford, but since nobody ever pitched in a dime and it needs work now I gave up on it... If they even pitched in for gas that would have kept me going, but no, so now I do my driveway and stay in the house, near the woodstove. their loss!:rantc:

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I should have done a How To, to help out the next guy who attemps this.

The Plow mount is installed. It was fairly easy. The winch mount which came with the winch is a POS and

doesn't mount properly to the ATV. But that's OK, I have the Yamaha Kodiak 400 mount coming.

The poor UPS guy... That plow blade is heavy.

The box was torn and screws were missing... On my way to ACE in the morning.

I bought the top flap to keep the snow off of me. I will install it tomorrow.


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This has been a time consuming task...

So to help out the next guy who has a Kodiak or Bruin, I think 1999 - 2004, could be wrong.

But here are the parts you need to add a plow to your bike:

Superwinch 2202855 Mount Kit - You will need to get a Roller Fairlead. This kit does not come with one. There is one which comes with the winch, but you will have to cut the holes because the holes will not line up with the Superwinch Mount Kit. This is the worst part of the install. Get a hammer and bring a lot of patients. It is difficult to align holes for the mount with the frame and the ATVs push bars. The mount is a very tight fit for sliding over the frame mount, then the bumper bar attaches to the mount to the frame using the bolts in the hardware kit.

Warn 62100 Plow Base - It has to be this one because of the age of the bike. The newer model plow bases are to wide and will not mount to the bike.

Warn 64670 Yamaha ATV Plow Mounting Kit - This is specific for the bike. I had mine mounted in about twenty minutes.

WARN 68200 ATV Cyclone Angled Plow Blade - I did the 60" blade so I could get the largest cut and funnel it from the bike.

Warn 67870 ATV Plow Blade Control Flap - I added this to keep as much snow as possible off of me. The blade was not made to accept this. But the mounting hardware is included and I was able to drill the blade and install the rubber in ten minutes.

Warn 69212 Cyclone Blade Premium Skids - I ordered extra of these. There is a pair which came with the blade. These drag on the road and I figure they will wear quickly with the weight of the blade resting on them then dragging the asphault.

I went with a 2000 pound winch. I won't comment on that.

A winch is pretty much a winch if you are only going to use it to lift and lower the blade a few inches.

The winch itself is really easy to install.

The worse part was pulling off the bike's tupperware to route the wires out of site.

Hope this helps.

Good Luck, you will need it when installing the winch mount.

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