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Kazuma 110 - no power

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We aquired this Quad that shows very little use but had been sitting for a while. I have it starting easily now - but it does not have much power at all. It seems like it's loading up with gas and bogging down. Spark is good - have replaced the coil and plug - replaced the carb with a new one and still the same issue. Thoughts?

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Air intake clogged, air filter? Have you checked that?

Welcome to quadcrazy!

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How heavy is the person riding it? Those little quads generally have around a 100lb weight limit. If you aren't overloading it, I would check the valves and do a compression test. Those Chinese quads are prone to chronic problems, I have never seen one last more that 5 or 6 rides before something went wrong. I don't want to be a spoil sport, but the best thing you can do with that thing is get rid of it, make it someone elses problem.

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Thanks for the responses. I know that these can have issues, but I got 2 of them for next to nothing and it's a cost effective way to see if my kids like the sport - they are 9 and 11, both under 100lbs. They are enjoying riding the other one so far. I have been working on it with the air cleaner removed. Time to go a little deeper I guess.... Thanks again for the help.

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does it smell like it is running rich. It could be that you need to set the float and mixtures. they do not usually come preset.

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      Picked up my first Brute Force yesterday. What should have been an awesome afternoon of riding turn a bit into a deception. As I was unable to really take it out for a test drive at the shop, I decided to buy it and agreed that I would take the test drive at home. 
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      posted a while back - it was running at one point - I have all the plastic shroud off - it's down to frame and engine now
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      -I don't know what's on back of fuel pump - it's a valve that has a hose coming out of it - looks like it goes to engine/carb - I haven't traced this out yet - what is it?
      -can squirt gas on air filter and engine will run for 2-3 seconds then stop - fuel in top of carb (under diaphragm) does same
      -it likely needs carb rebuild - will get to this - but something isn't allowing fuel to get from fuel pump to carb
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