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1997 Yamaha Timberwolf fuel line clogged

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I'm new here an hoping for fast help. I have a 1997 4x4 Timberline 250 that is my major helper here on the farm. We have had a tough winter so far and the machine is already struggling (another story) with a terrible oil leak (the case is cracked...I will need to find another engine this spring).

After cleaning the last round of snow last week (deeply sub-zero) I pulled the ATV into the barn. It has been in here during the recent extremely warm weather until last night when I pulled it out to get ready for this current and fast approaching weather. The temps dropped day before yesterday to normal below freezing and my son-in-law thinks condensation could have frozen in the line. I could not get the ATV to start at all and ended up pulling it out of the barn by hand, rolling it down to the front gates in preparation for work (I assumed I would eventually get it started!). My son-in-law was just here to get his son and said no gas is coming through the gas line (from the tank). He has added a full bottle of HEAT and changed the spark plug but had to get to his family while he can.

I am about to be hit with up to 15" of snow and the ATV, while covered, is at the gate and the only method I have of cleaning the coming blanket. I am alone here for the week and may not be able to get out of here within the next couple hours.

How long will the HEAT take to open a frozen line? If this is not the problem, is there anything else you can think of that I could do? I cannot get the ATV back in the barn and I am certainly not qualified to do major gas tank surgery. My neighbor was just here and said to get on the ATV and jump up and down -shaking it liberally- every now and then in order to dislodge any ice crystals or debris. HELP!

Cynthia in Wisconsin

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Welcome to QUADCRAZY. I have seen on some Yamaha atvs, corroded and stuck float pins in the carb causing no fuel flow. If you could get to the carb and remove it enough to take off the bowl, inspect the float. I suppose it could be a frozen fuel line, but it would have thawed out when you had the warm weather.

* Moved thread to Yamaha forum and added year and manufacturer to thread title.

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Take the line off at the petcock and see if fuel will come through the petcock when you turn the vavle to the on or reserve position. If it will come out of the petcock, but won't come out the other end of the line, then I might try blowing compressed air through the line, or just replacing it. Fuel line is cheap. If it won't come through the petcock, try blowing compressed air through the petcock into the tank with the valve in the on position and again with it in the reserve position. Make sure the cap is on the tank when you do that, and be ready to shut the valve off incase the fuel starts coming out. Also, check the tank for debris floating around in there, if you see stuff in the tank, you will want to drain it and clean it out.

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I did remove the line from the petcock and moved the switch but nothing came out. That is a very good idea about the compressor though. I'll get the compressor and extension cords on the sled and down to the ATV and try that!

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don't run pump gas anymore- it has so much crap added to it that it is actually hygroscopic.

Here we can get non-ethanol super at the gas station pumps- it works great and is cheaper than race fuel, which is not gasoline at all.

regular pump gas will dry out any rubber part it touches- it's a bad deal for anything that's not brand new.

You can pull the screws out of the petcock and drain the tank if nothing else- this way you can examine that petcock and hopefully clean it out.

Grab one of those $2 inline fuel filters next trip to the bike shop- try not to run anything with ethanol in it- often available at the bulk plant but take a gas can cuz they generally pump it out of a drum. With good fuel you'll notice an increase in performance too- it made my pickup run better! LOL

try fuel injection cleaner- it is more $ but usually works a lot better and faster than HEET.

Hope this helps!

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i believe there is a screen filter attached to the petcock when u remove it inside the tank,i would remove the pet cock an clean up the filter

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