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2001 Yamaha 660 Raptor Axle nut issue

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My 2001 660 raptor seems to be having some issues with the rear axle nut. Seems like about every 2 rides the rear axle nuts back off and loosen up.I average about 75 to 100 miles a ride and this is driving me insane. The rear bearings and seals have been replaced and the axle has been upgraded to an 2003 axle because i had a mishap with a tree,kind of jumped in my way...lol So i got pissed off and ordered a mod quad double locker after market axle nut to hopefully cure this issue. I would love to hear any input you guys and gals my have. Is anyone else ever run into this issue,and how did you fix it? ,Thanks a bunch


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that part of me is working awesome.....thank you very much...lol

Sorry to hear your having problems with your nuts :laugh:All I can say is tighten it more I did my bearings on my Honda and the same problem accured Finally we just got out a big wrench and a cheater bar and it worked !!!!

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Put an aftermarket axle on and you have to tighten the axle nuts about every moto. The only cure for it is an expensive aftermarket locking nut like what you ordered.

Keep in mind that everytime you crank on the axle nut that you are putting force on the axle bearing. That will eventually lead to premature bearing wear.

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