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Spring Ride With My New Clutches

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Put new clutches in my Outty last week & decided to take it out for a test ride ... WHAT a GREAT Day !! :cheer: ... :cheer: ... :cheer:

Here's a couple pics & a short vid ... Hope ya enjoy it !! :bow:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCDqnB_KPnE]YouTube - ‪11 Jun 011 - Cinnamon Creek Spring Ride‬‏[/ame]









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Great pictures and video! Did you go out by yourself? Those are extra fuel tanks on the front rack, right? I noticed the gps also. How many miles out did you do?

I guess you had to cut that tree that was blocking the trail? You carry a saw?

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Great pictures and video! Did you go out by yourself? Those are extra fuel tanks on the front rack, right? I noticed the gps also. How many miles out did you do?

I guess you had to cut that tree that was blocking the trail? You carry a saw?

THANKS Ajmboy dude !! :bow:

Yup, I do most my riding by myself ... have for years ... even in the winter .... and I like me a lot !! :slap:

Yup, those are Roto-Pak fuel paks (cans) on the front. The ones I use in the summer are 1 gal each & in the winter I have two or four 2 gal paks ... most the time I just carry two however. :coolgleamAc:

The GPs is a Garmin 60CSx ... it's a great unit.

Yup, I carry a Fiskar 18 in "Razor Sharp Teeth" pruning saw ... and it cuts yer hands & fingers real good too ... don't ask how I know OK .... :leavingc:

I did about 32 miles that day. :woot:

Nice Vid Gunny :yes:Thats a wild sound track !!!

THANKS Quadnut guy !! :bow2: ... glad ya liked the tunes. I like German Heavy Metal so there ya have it.

I actually had to render the video three times because I originally had ZZ Top & Van Halen clips to the video ... but it was blocked worldwide with those tunes ... and I was gett'in frustrated. :bangheadc:

Edited by Gunny
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Dont you hate it when half the songs you put in a video are blocked because of "copyright infringement"? I had that happen on the last 2 videos i made so i had to re do them with a different song :aargh:

HELL YEAH !!! :censored: .... can I say that here ?? :wasntme:

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I put a few more clips together for a "Part II" to the Cinnamon Creek Ride ... Hope ya enjoy it !! :woot:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xGBEgwtSJc]YouTube - ‪11 Jun 011 - Cinnamon Creek Ride PT II‬‏[/ame]

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    • By geezer99
      Well, I bought the Axis 500 sold at Lowes for $8999 a couple days ago.  This post will be about my impressions as I use, fix, and abuse the machine.  I will add to the post as I gain experience with it.
      Thanks to other posters on this site warning of new machines with loose hardware, one of my first actions was to crawl all over it checking fluids and connections.  Zirks were all freshly greased, fluids in engine, and gear boxes were up to level.  One of the little gas struts that help lift the bed to dump was dangling with only one end connected, and the other strut had not been fully tightened.
      Here are some things I don't like:
      The rear gearbox does not have a differential in it.  It is essentially a solid axle.  Tight turns on lawn will leave tracks, and turns are not as tight on pavement.  In my case this won't matter much, but if you plan to use it on a lawn, this will create tracks on turns.
      To check engine oil you need to remove both front seats and a plastic cover.  This according to the manual.  I'm pretty sure it can be checked with that stuff in place, either from under or above, but that remains to be seen.
      I am not used to a CVT transmission.  I am used to a clutch and multiple gears.  This one requires giving it plenty of gas out of the hole and then backing off to get it to shift up.  I'm sure I will get used to it, but I'd like to be able to take off quietly if I want to.
      The doors have bungie cords to act as springs to close them.  I removed the driver door so I would not need to fight the constant pressure to close.  Problem solved.  I will leave the passenger door as is.  Gotta keep the grandkids safe.
      The status display is hard to read if the sun is on it.
      Here is some stuff I like: 
      I was concerned about there being enough torque to slowly climb a steep hill.  There is.  I will elaborate more on this when I've had it on my steeper trails.
      The display has dedicated lights to indicate status of gear position, low oil pressure, over temp, and a bunch of other stuff.  This helps a beginner with feedback that an action taken was successful.
      The sparsity of knobs on the tires dig in well on most surfaces.  I bet they wear out fast on pavement.
      The tilt bed has a tail gate that is easy to operate.  Much like early Japan pickups.
      Steering is responsive and little slack.  Remains to be seen how long to get loose since the u-joints are operating at quite sharp angles.
      Seats are pretty nice.  Will be interesting to see how long it will take me to poke a screw driver though them.
      Seat belts are included to hold grand kids in.  Won't go over 5 mph if both aren't buckled.  Yeah, it works to buckle them empty.  Doing this leaves the belt high on back, so you don't have to sit on it. 
      Hauling it home, my trailer wheel wells were too close together to clear the tires of the UTV.  This required driving it off center a bit, with one set of tires inside the wells and one side driving over the wheel well.  Creeping over the one well required climbing a 10 inch vertical well.  The ability to lock the front axle differential kept both front wheels pulling as I drove the one side up and over the wheel well.  The guys at Lowes were impressed.  They won't touch any but an unobstructed flat trailer loading.
      As I gain more experience I will add to this topic,
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