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Spring Ride With My New Clutches

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Put new clutches in my Outty last week & decided to take it out for a test ride ... WHAT a GREAT Day !! :cheer: ... :cheer: ... :cheer:

Here's a couple pics & a short vid ... Hope ya enjoy it !! :bow:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCDqnB_KPnE]YouTube - ‪11 Jun 011 - Cinnamon Creek Spring Ride‬‏[/ame]









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Great pictures and video! Did you go out by yourself? Those are extra fuel tanks on the front rack, right? I noticed the gps also. How many miles out did you do?

I guess you had to cut that tree that was blocking the trail? You carry a saw?

THANKS Ajmboy dude !! :bow:

Yup, I do most my riding by myself ... have for years ... even in the winter .... and I like me a lot !! :slap:

Yup, those are Roto-Pak fuel paks (cans) on the front. The ones I use in the summer are 1 gal each & in the winter I have two or four 2 gal paks ... most the time I just carry two however. :coolgleamAc:

The GPs is a Garmin 60CSx ... it's a great unit.

Yup, I carry a Fiskar 18 in "Razor Sharp Teeth" pruning saw ... and it cuts yer hands & fingers real good too ... don't ask how I know OK .... :leavingc:

I did about 32 miles that day. :woot:

Nice Vid Gunny :yes:Thats a wild sound track !!!

THANKS Quadnut guy !! :bow2: ... glad ya liked the tunes. I like German Heavy Metal so there ya have it.

I actually had to render the video three times because I originally had ZZ Top & Van Halen clips to the video ... but it was blocked worldwide with those tunes ... and I was gett'in frustrated. :bangheadc:

Edited by Gunny
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Dont you hate it when half the songs you put in a video are blocked because of "copyright infringement"? I had that happen on the last 2 videos i made so i had to re do them with a different song :aargh:

HELL YEAH !!! :censored: .... can I say that here ?? :wasntme:

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