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Went for a ride the other day .... but I got to were I wanted to unload ... stepped outta the truck .. AND HOLY SHYTER !!! ..... Damn skeeters started crav'in hunks off me. It was terrible all day long. It was overcast, a threat of rain (which it do later), no wind ... not even a freak'in breeze .... and then mother nature calls & says, "You need to take care of business Tough Guy !!" ........ DAMN SKEETERS !!! c002.gif

I rode for hrs before I even made my first stop ... didn't even eat my lunch when I was hungry cause I didn't want a skeeter sandwich ... I don't remember them being that bad since Nam !!! HOLY MOLY !!! c029.gif

Saw deer, a Moose cow & her calf (which had started some antlers), antelope, snowshoe rabbits, a mean & nasty badger, some deer ... Oh yeah .... and did I tell ya, lots & lots of skeeters !!! 93.gif ... and found some Elk Antler sheds ... both sides ... 5 on one side, 4 on the other .... they were on a ridge top about 75 yds from each other ... 72.gif

Found some new trails & got to try out my new clutches ... one of which I'm taking off cause I'm not happy with it ... and then the rain started ........ WOO HOO !! .... Anyway ... I continued up the road until I hit a huge snowdrift block'in the road. And I've never seen so many downed trees ... I was knock'in the branches off one pine so it wouldn't have any "Tire Stabbers" .... & put one thru my boot .... sure glad it didn't take any skin !!! 57.gif

Only thing is when it rains were I was, the road I had to drive back on .... is like wet cement !!! ...... Then I came upon a woman about a mile & a half from the highway slid into a ditch .... in sandles ... no coat ..... rain'in & skeeters eat'in away at her .... dumbass woman .... I tried winching her out but her little truck was to heavy down in the ditch & on that grease called mud .... finally talked her into backing down the ditch ... she finally got out, but man, did she tear that poor little truck up .... dumbass woman !!! 38.gif

Did 70 miles total & that's a lot of miles for me ... and I DIDN'T SEE ONE OTHER PERSON ALL DAY .... except that woman that was stuck ... damn near ruined my day !! .........but what a GREAT DAY OF RID'IN !! wee_hee.gif

Here's a short vid of the day & some photo's ... enjoy ... wootSMILEY.gif

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rA8ITr6iw_o]YouTube - ‪05 Jul-Millie Springs‬‏[/ame]







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that was a memory making day right thanks for sharing, good stuff.

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Great pics Gunny !! Looks like you had a blast !! Where was that ?

THANKS :bow: .... and YES I did !!! :woot:

This ride is about 65 miles East / North East of my home .... place called "Millie Springs. Which is on the other side of the Monte Cristo Mountain Range and about 15 miles West of a framing community named "Woodruff".

05 Jul 011 - Millie Springs Ride-1.jpg


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Thanks for sharing I like the vid.

THANKS Swampy Dude !! :bow: ... :bow: .... Glad ya enjoyed it.

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Awesome pics!looked like u had some fun

THANKS dude !! ... and Yup, fer sure !! :cheers2c:

sounds like a good ride other than the skeeters n stuck woman .

Had a freak'in blast .... I forgot about the woman already :wasntme: .... went back there today ... is it possible there's more skeeters now than there was a week ago ?? ........ HOLY MOLY they were bad !!! :willy_nillyc:

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Looks like you had a great ride! Were the Skeeters bad?:laugh:

:willy_nillyc: ... Damn ... :willy_nillyc: ... skeeters ... :willy_nillyc: ... were ... :willy_nillyc: ... TERRIBLE !!!! :willy_nillyc:

I went rid'in again today & SOB .... they ate me alive !!! :nopityc:

And it ain't funny !! :cuss:c ... so quit yer laugh'in !! :smackbum:

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