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A place in my heart

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I know for me it's tuff to rate a quad by brand. For me being in my 40's I grew up riding Hondas. I wanted a yz80 as a kid but got an SL70. It still holds a place in my heart It was lots of fun & brings back great memories. But what I remember most is how durable that bike was & the suzuki, yamaha & kawasaki would breakdown more. Most of the time we SL70 riders could out run them but I would say it was more the rider then the bike. Because the 2 strokes seem too have the power advantage. Now that I'm older I know the 2strokes ran higher rpms & are faster but needs rebuilt more often than a 4 stroke. I didn't get the same service out of the cr125 as the 70 or the XL175. So now when your heart is for one brand your brain kicks in and says hold on here the other brands are good too! It kind'a falls back to what wins on sunday sells on monday. What wins the most ends up being whats considered the best at that time. It seems like I go for whats wins races more & theres more to it than just winning unless your racing. Whats your thoughts?

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mine has been and always will be Kawie...I've ridden damn near all the brands can-am, artic cat, honda, yamies, and suzukis. but something about the kawie just feels perfect to me. getting my 450 was my first quad and never looked back. However the day I brought it home from the dealership never did I think that it'll take me to the tallest mountain in CO. Nor the friendships that I've made on other forums world wide with people that have the same passion about kawies as I do. Call it mushy and sensitive but the best part of loving kawies and quads in general is the friendships. I trail ride with guys from here were the brand you ride doesn't matter, just as long as you're out riding having fun, same as the good friends I've met racing. We all help each other out enjoy the same hobby.

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Havin ridin all major brands I still come back to honda ! Although I loved my 77 Bultaco 250 :laugh: Or my Husky 250 and if I get to old and cant ride a sport quad and get a 4X4 it will be a Honda !!!:laugh:But I`m not that old yet !!!

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i started out a Suzuki guy back in the day. i guess mainly because that's what the folks i ran around with rode. today however, i'm a kawi guy, just becasue of the fact that the kawi had all the features to fit my riding needs. with the technology we have today (not as much then) it's all but assinine not to have some general knowledge on what you want and if it will fit your needs, before you buy. i still feel its all preference, so if it makes you happy, stick with it.

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I grew up on Honda's But i really like all of the quads on the market today.

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I started on a Honda XR100 bike, then went to a Kawasaki KX80 pinger bike, and now i'm back on honda's but i really prefer Kawasaki's. I don't know why but Kawasaki atv's and motocross bikes have always felt better to me, even just sitting on a KFX450 it feels so much more like it fits me then my TRX450r and i would have bought one if i had the money.. But $3500 min for one was to much at the time. Hopefully in the future i will get one though!

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my first ride was a honda 110 3 wheeler ... i sold it a long time ago and i missed it a few years back so i went looking for 1 .. i found a 1985 110 and bought it and restored it to like brand new and still have it put away ... i have had and still have several different mrands of quads .. i use the utility quads i have for working arount the yard and pushing snow in the winter and i ride and race my sport quads ... it all just boils dow to what you want and what kind of riding you will be doing ... im fortunate to have 5 quads that i do different things on ...

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