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Suzuki King Quad 300 Running Problems

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I put a 26mm roundslide from a 230 quadsport on and gravity feed tank and it runs like a champ. I spent the day seeing what all this machine will pull lol. I guess I need to find a 28mm carb somewhe

heres a little trick I figured out for hard starting atvs that seem to run but shut down and sputter out. If your having Backfiring through the carb, spitting gas out through the carb it maybe a bad

Wow a lot of carb/reving issues might as well put my two cents in!  I have had a few bikes do this. And to all the "carb specilist" as I feel I am lol to my surprise I have found that even though we c

Those quads use a fuel pump in most models and can often fail. They can leak fuel and run really rich or do almost nothing and run dry - not always easy to notice the diff.

First thing to do though is change the sparkplug if you haven't already - it's a cheap fix for lots of quads!

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I have a 96 300 King Quad and it starts and idles just fine but once you hit about 15 miles an hour or so that's as fast as it'll go no matter how hard you push the throttle I don't know where to start I was thinking clean the carburetor but I'm not sure anybody have any ideas where I should start.

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16 hours ago, Michelle Hodges said:

I have a 96 300 King Quad and it starts and idles just fine but once you hit about 15 miles an hour or so that's as fast as it'll go no matter how hard you push the throttle I don't know where to start I was thinking clean the carburetor but I'm not sure anybody have any ideas where I should start.

Turn on the headlights and see if that helps.  If it does, it means the regulator is not regulating the voltage down and the CDI is not working when the voltage spikes as the rpms go up.  Regulators are notoriously bad on these machines, so don't replace with another stock one or it will happen again.  Contact Rick's Motorsport Electronics https://ricksmotorsportelectrics.com/ and ask for the biggest they sell.  It doesn't cost that much and will handle 50 amps.

If it's not the regulator, try swapping the spark plug.  It's not likely to be the problem, but I once torn down a carb only to discover the spark plug was the issue.  That sucked.

Since you said it idles fine and the pilot jets are the smallest, then I'm assuming the carb is clean enough, therefore it seems more like not enough fuel is reaching the carb, so I'd want to know the condition of the fuel pump and the vacuum lines.  That is another problem common to these machines.

That's all I can imagine that would produce those symptoms.  Maybe a clogged baffle in the muffler?

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On 11/22/2011 at 3:10 AM, lanow said:

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum and hope that someone out there can help me, I have an early Suzuki King Quad 300 (280cc) which starts intstantly every time but at about half revs or there abouts it starts spluttering and will not rev any higher, this fault is present whether choke is applied or not, some one suggested that silencer maybe be clogged so removed baffle but no improvement have removed carb and stripped 3 times but still no joy.

Any ideas would be most welcome.

Cheers Rob


Could be over chraging mine was doing that i put a new rectifier runs good

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20 minutes ago, Chris Meredith said:

Hi everyone I have a 1993 Suzuki King quad 300 and I have a old battery in it and I just pull start it I noticed today that it sputter and back fired till I turned the key all the way over to the light does anyone know if I should get a new battery


You need a new regulator.  It's a common problem on those machines.  I wouldn't buy another one just like the old one because it will fail too.  I called these guys https://ricksmotorsportelectrics.com/ and bought the biggest they had.  I think it's for a Triumph motorcycle.  It can handle 50 amps.

What's happening is once the voltage gets to 17-18 volts, the CDI stops working correctly which causes the sputtering.  Turning the lights on reduces the voltage to allow the CDI to work right... until you rev it up higher then the problem comes back, so you'll need more lights to reduce it more or a new regulator.

The regulator is on the front of the machine.  I cut the plastic to access it.  When you get it off you'll probably find the back of it is cracked.

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