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1996 Suzuki King Quad - No Fuel

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New comer;

Unit had been running well. Ran out of fuel. Put 2 gal in that I had for a couple weeks. Cranked up and ran well for several days. Started shutting down after start , but would restart and run short distances that I use it for. Went to mail box and did not make it. Changed spark plug . No start unless a shot of start fluid, ran and died. Pulled fuel line off bottom of tank, removed all old fuel wiped out inside of tank, found nothing except stand pipe for normal fuel laying in bottom of tank. Opened tank valve and got fuel in Pri setting.Removed drain screw at carb got few drops of gas. Re-installed fuel line put in about a gal + fuel. Nothing comes out of drain screw. Blew into tank and still zilch. In the process of the drain screw I got on the wrong screw and have made an adj on the carb that I do not know what is. Rigging up to remove body in AM to get to carb. Any one have any ideas suggestions ? Thanks , Tom

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Thanks Ghost GUY,

We are thinking along the same lines. I have not found an inline filter so far. Will have to pull the whole back "body" off to get to the carb. My real worry is that screw that I turned and what effect that is going to have. Hate to have to put my bill fold in my mouth and my hands over my head and take it to a shop. T.

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ATVoff road 4 life

Thanks for what I am hoping is a confirmation of what I am thinking the problem is. Well get further into it tomorrow . What ever it turns out to be will be posted . How could I not do that when so many guys are jumping in and sharing their expertise with me ! Tom

And thank you for your most generous offer, it is appreciated T.

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1720 hrs Sat 7 July 12

Hey guys here is a real time update as where I am at right now. The plastic is all off the back end, the air box is out , the gas line had no fuel coming out when I removed it from the carb end (other end still attached to the selector valve on the bttm of the tank). Selector valve is in Pri pos. I blew back trhru the line. Did not have enough fuel in the tank to see bubbles but could blow thru the line.

Removed the line from the selector valve. put a short piece of clear plastic inline between the selector valve and the org.fuel line , could still blow back. Added more fuel to tank. still nothing comes out, but I can see the fuel in the clear line & can blow back into tank and see bubbles.Can do this on all three positions of selector valve. BUT no gas will flow. Surely there is not a line filter hidden up there under the front plastic body someplace ?!?!?

My intentions at this point are to see if I can possibly get that fuel line out without removing the ball hitch at the rear and the winch on the front ! (Humor -Laughter please!) Later guys- Tom

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Good Morn,n

Where I am at now: With ample fuel in the tank, fuel line disconected at both ends. drain line (clear plastic) connected selector valve in Pri position fuel will flow. Go to Res or On positions and flow ceases.

Thought about removing the selector valve , however those two screws are super tight, so I took the valve apart on the tank. Found a small ball of alumn. foil material in one of the two ports. Of course I removed all the fuel first. The tank is very clean, I can use a long pair of mechanical fingers with a shop towel on it (repeatedly) and get the tank super clean. I tried to blow thru the fuel line, it is about a 1/4 or 5/16th inside dia line. It can be done but it takes a lot of hard blowing (pressure) and it barely comes out the other end. I do not have a compressor down here in my shop at this time. I believe that I need to a new fuel line for sure. Unit owners guide says it should be changed every 4 years.

So I am wondering if I had a dbl problem here. The blockage in the one selector valve port and a faulty or blocked for some reason, fuel line . I can find no inline filter.

And since i have to opened up, I am considering changing the oil and filter inasmuch as I have no idea whenever that was done last. Will have to find the filter and o ring first before tearing into it. My dau has my tlr or I would load this dude up and take it to town and run it through the car wash while the back end is off.

It being Sunday I doubt if I will get much done oit today. Tom

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1200 hrs 8 July 12

Front body plastic removed. Found what appears to be a fuel filter. About 3 " in Dia. Has a cover w/screws holding it on. Yep, I will probably be in there before the day is out. Front body a bunch of fun to remove.

BTW this Suzuki is a LT-F4WDX King Quad, year is 1996.

Owners manual has no mention of fuel filter that I can find.

In all probability I will be ordering parts on line- Any reccomendations pos or neg would be appreciated.

Have a lcl dealer but I have reservations with that. T.

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1630 hr n8 July 12


Well I went into what I thought was a filter but I am wrong. To many things going on in there to be just a filter. Went on line and have gone from one parts list to the next and all show the same parts diagrams . The Carb one shows only the carb. The fuel tank one shows the tank the line coming off the selector valve and the line just ends there. That line goes fwd and connects to the inlet side of the item I found that is mtd on the frame . What I found may well be some kind of pump. The fuel line out of it goes to the carb, (thus the reason I could not blow thru the line from either direction) There is a third small line that comes off the back side of the found item and it runs down to the carb, I want to say on the outlet side of the carb . If I am right then this could be providing a venturi effect and in turn operating the item I have found,

I see you on the board Oxidized_Black Glad to have you monitoring. Bike Bandit diagrams are the same as the rest. As for E bay, I am wary of E bay.

I will probably end up on the tel in the morn , locally, and see what I can find out at least about what it is that I have found.

I do appreciate the intrest shown by other board members in what is going on with this problem. T,

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Not my week for computers I guess. I am a one finger typist plus that finger can not spell either. Just typed a msg up to post and zap it was gone. Guess it is out on the asteroid were all lost mail goes.

Computer has been down due to interupted Internet service for a couple days. Long story to short, Fuel Pump is the problem with the KQ. The Quad Runner , which has been down for a battery and a torn rt front axle boot is now back up for use while I wait on the pump for the KQ. Tried a different fuel pump from another mfg and much smaller pump then KQ orginal . It did not work but did confirm that the pump is the problem. I got a small amount of fuel out the Carb drain , had not seen that up to this point. Not enough volume for the unit to run on though. So now I wait a week for a new pump to come in.

I use the 4 whlr for working primarily on the house and other things here on the place. Have two of them by chance. A friend had insisted that I use his KQ when I started building this house ten years back. He only used it to deer hunt with for a few days each year. That went on for about 4-5 years then he started using it for other riding. By then I was addicted ! So I bought the Quad Runner and about a year later the same friend told me he was selling in KQ. I bought it and my wife has been nibbling at me ever since to sell one or the other. The KQ is the later mdl and my choice of rides. I overload it, abuse it and use it everyday.It is a lifesaver . Now that I have the QR running , the younger Dau wants it as she is moving to the country in NW Ar. So I guess it will all work out.

Again I want to thank all of you for your help and your interest in my problem and all the suggestions and offers of help. I am afraid that you all are stuck with me on this board. I do not turn loose of good help when I find it . Tom

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  • 2 weeks later...

Update 20 July AM

First off, ATVoffroad4life, I did recv your last msg, tried to reply but just could not get the process right. SBT - T.

The fuel pump for the 1996 KING QUAD is in my hot little grubby hand ! Checked with the local Suzuki dealership and they did not have one, nor did they offer to order one. (note: lots of rumors floating around local ATV owners concerning this business) I ordered mine from Hometown ATV in Conway and it took almost a week to get here. It took a C-note to transfer it from his hand to mine. That appears to be just a little less then the going price I have found. FYI (for all) the pump came in a Suzuki box and their PN is 15100-19B10. Also I want to mention that the same pump is on my 250 Quad Runner.( An eighties something mdl) I mentioned to the folks at Hometown that I could not find the fuel pump on any of the sites I looked at on line. He told me that he found it in his book under the oil system ! (? ? ? ) I have not been back and checked the online sites to see if that be the case for me.

We are under a high temp warning from the NWS until 7 this evening. I probably will not start re-assy until the first of the week. The 250 carrys the load for now and I will have a seperate thread for a recent experince that I have gone thru with that little lovely in a couple days,

And once again my sincere thanks to all who have been watching this thread and offering help/ideas. What a great group to be assocaited with. Tom

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Just want to throw this out so that those of you following this thread what is going on.

First off please understand that I have not responded to any pvt msgs via same because I can not figure out how to do so. I can get to pvt msg, I can change the subject but I cannot type anything in the msg box. My cursor will not do a thing there, thus I cannot type.

As for my KQ problem. Due to the work load here and to a degree the high Temps here in Ar I have not got the fuel pump on yet. I will not finish that job without posting same here on. Thanks once more for the interest and help. Tom

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You can go to My Account on the main menu, then my comments in the drop down and then finally choose messages in the sub menu. Let me know if you need a hand finding the links. Usally there is a link right under the main menu when you have new messages.

What browser are you using, maybe that is the reason you might not be able to type.

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Thanks for the help, have followed your directions , get to the point of composing the msg and still I get nothing to happen. Wonder if I did something wrong when I registered at the start .

Computer OS is windows vista. I work out of google a lot. Computer is badly over loaded from pics and operator limitations ! The later seems to be the primary problem. Tom

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