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  2. If it shifts that difficult it may be a bent shift fork, just rebuilt the tranny in a 450yfz having the same issue. Thats what we found to be the issue, shifted wonderfully after the new shift forks were put in
  3. Sounds like you need to get to the carb, running it empty may have ran a blockage into one of your jets. There is also the chance the fuel filter is plugged if it has one.
  4. You have to have the 2 holes that are in a line on the cam on the top center and the dot on the top gear top center and line the dot on the bottom gear up with the arrow above the gear to line the bottom gear up you have to have the clutch assembly off. Just remember everything has to be top dead center, I think you pull a side plug to check top dead center of the crank.
  5. Haven't riden it yet, it's a side project that isn't in great demand. Still need to build the rear swing arm
  6. That's awesome! Great pic!!
  7. Ghost420guy

    460 stroker

    Great lookin machine!!
  8. Ghost420guy

    Bayou 300b

    Good lookin machine, I like the custom snorkel for the airbox!
  9. Looks like a very fun place to ride!
  10. Looks can be decieving lol it still sounds like a rocket when u fire it up =)
  11. Very close CK to a drop in mod
  12. It was a really simple fit, bending equipment from the shop and some long beer drinkin nites got her together. Still custom building the rear swingarm
  13. Ghost420guy


    Nice spot for a lil chill time, wheres the cold ones?
  14. Now that looks like an awesome place to ride AJM!!
  15. Do some good searching, you'll find e-bbay is a good source and you can buy generally 3 oil filters at a time for a fraction of the cost. Typically where I buy mine from
  16. Can u tell the one up front on the right is a 400ex? lol
  17. Takin a quick break between the dirt and grimeto rest our old bones
  18. Love the black and purple, looks sick! Very nice front stance too
  19. Ghost420guy

    caught by wire

    Holy chit! Glad to see ur ok bud!
  20. Definitely gonna be an issue with the diffs swampcat, they may hold half the rpm range the motor can produce tho which is still a ton more power than any quad motor

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