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The Best 4x4 For $5999

Best Bang For Your Buck  

12 members have voted

  1. 1. Best Bang For Your Buck

    • Arctic Cat’s 400 4x4 Automatic
    • Honda’s FourTrax Rancher 4x4 ES
    • Polaris Hawkeye 4x4
    • Suzuki’s Eiger 400 4x4 Automatic
    • Kawasaki’s Prairie 360 4x4
    • Kymco’s MXU 500
    • Yamaha’s Grizzly 400 Automatic 4x4

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Not everyone can afford to roll like a rockstar on high-dollar big-bore quads packed full of the latest and greatest features. Luckily for most of us, there are killer options on the market in 2007 that won’t max out your credit cards or send you spiraling deep into debt.

Below are seven amazing mid-level 4x4s with a variety of power and features for $5,999 or less.

Vote for the one you think is the best "Bang For Your Buck"

Suzuki Eiger


Kawasaki Prairie


Kymco MXU


Polaris Hawkeye


Yamaha Grizzly


Arctic Cat 400


Honda Rancher


If you want tto see Quad Magazine's tests on these, click here: The Best 4x4 For $5999 | Features | Quad Magazine

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My father-in-law has a Kawa 360 and it is very nice. I have a friend who has an Eiger and has a lot of problems. I love my Suzukis now though. The Rancher doesn't have a locking front diff which I think is a must for a utility 4x4.

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My father-in-law has a Kawa 360 and it is very nice. I have a friend who has an Eiger and has a lot of problems. I love my Suzukis now though. The Rancher doesn't have a locking front diff which I think is a must for a utility 4x4.

Is it an automatic or 5 speed Eiger? I have herd of some problems with the autos. Also herd Suzuki wants to up the horsepower acroos the board to.

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Automatic Eiger is the best dollar for dollar. My friend has it and it's been fine for 4 years now. My other friend has the manual version, seems fine also.

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i have owned a couple of the quads in this pole and have worked on almost all of them and i would have to say the kawasaki 360 prairie is the most reliable and best built for the money and has a good track record ... the maintance is alot less than several of the others on here also...the honda is also a good choice but they have alot of problems with the electric shift system ...but it is a very reaiable running machine also as long as it will shift properly..

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