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2002 Yamaha Warrior 350 brake rotor

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I replaced the pads on the back of my Warrior late of last year or early this year. Can't remember when exactly. Apparently I bought some crappy pads cause I wore them out already and messed up the rotor some. I have a new rotor and pads to put on but I have a problem.

I can't get the Allen Wrench bolts to break loose. I am hoping someone can tell me there is a trick to getting them loose. I could see my allen wrench twisting trying to get them loose. Actually messed up the bolts some.

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Don't have any heat. Tried the tightening trick but it didn't work. I guess I'll have to get it over to my friends garage. I know he has a torch.

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Agree with Oxy. Get a small plumbers torch that uses MAPP gas they are more expensive but easily available at any hardware store. MAPP burns alot hotter than propane

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Well got the rotor off. Two of the bolts came out pretty east. The other two that I messed with before was rough to get out. I was able to get one by beating a bigger allen into it. The other was some grinding on the bolt and grabbing it with vise grips. Bought some new bolt to at the hardware store.

Now I have a problem with the front left brake caliper. The slider bolt wouldn't move. Had to use a c clamp to push it back so I could get the caliper back on with the new pads. Was hoping after I pushed it back that it might free up and go back out. But not moving at all.

Thinking I'll have to pull the caliper off the quad and heat the slider bolt up and hope to get it loose. Pull it apart and give it a proper cleaning. We tried spraying Seaform Deep Creep in there but didn't move still.

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At this point I would remove as many parts as possible and clean,grind,and lubricate them. If they are this hard to get off i would also do up the wheel bearings etc. This way you have a piece of mind on the trails.

I know you want to get back to riding asap but there seems to be too many corrosion gremlins lurking on that bike

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Oh yea we know the bearings. The rear end bearings are wobbly. Been working on the gremlins in the bike. I have a noise in the motor that's been there since I got it. Friend said it's either piston slap or the cam/lifters need adjusted bad..

Was thinking I should find another quad but my friend thinks this one will be going for a while. Just need to work on it some.

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