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2008 Polaris Sportsman - No Voltage To Solenoid

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I'm helping my 72 year old friend/riding buddy with his 08 Sportsman 500. We have full battery voltage at the battery and on the battery cable that connects to the solenoid. If I jump across the 2 posts the engine turns over fine. Also runs fine with the back up recoil. However, it doesn't appear to be getting any voltage to the solenoid from the key switch. Does anybody know of a common failure on these like a fuse or a circuit breaker etc. that supplies power to the solenoid?

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Could be fuses or a bad starter relay.....or bad starter button. Work your way backwards from the solenoid up checking for voltage.

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I had checked at the weatherpack fitting at the solenoid and found no voltage to there. I don't know what wires carry voltage from the ignition switch but there are several at the switch that have full battery voltage so I'm assuming the switch just isn't passing voltage in the "start" position. Sound right? The ignition switch is $70 at the Polaris dealer so I want to be sure. Thank you for your input and service manuals guys.

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