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Got it together last week. All powder coating was done by myself, with the exception of the swing arm and subframe.

Barker built motor, +1 head, Cuervo cam, Sredrum throttle body, CP Tech piston, Troywcc EVAC valve

Templeton drag pipes

Skat Trak 76 rollout 12 paddle haulers

Custom drilled rotor

QuadTech foam/cover

AM Chassis +6" "T" stem and -8 width +6 forward single arm rigid front end

ASV C5 clutch lever

Turbo Chassis +4 swing arm

Direct Drive CNC 10x2" front wheels W2 (spindle mounts)

Sandtoyz Unlimited 18x3 front tires

Custom aluminum "bumper"

Custom lightweight rear caliper

Fly Racing start button

ECATV tether

Modified lightweight subframe

Big thanks to Quality Powdercoat (qpcoat.com) for the subframe powder coating and swing arm coating, Brett (sand2kinc.com) for helping me out with some tips when putting together... And numerous members from other forums for helping me get the parts to build this.

It weighed in at 312lbs wet with this 25lb axle, a 12lb aluminum JJ&A axle is enroute.






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Very nice project Rappy. An expensive one I bet. Are you going to race it?

Thank you!

Yes, it's a total money pit lol, could be spending money on worse things I suppose.

Yep, it's strictly a racing quad now with the rigid front end, no dunes or trails for me!

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looks like she will displace a bit of sand at the crack of the throttle :yes:

Maybe a little:wink:... We will see. First debut is on the 18th, I'll post the helmet can footage.

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Started her up last night...

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bqMO8AKKVA&sns=em]2013 Drag Raptor Start Up - YouTube[/ame]

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Sounds wicked. Why the start button under the fender. Makes a clean install or is it a safety reason?

Sent from my SGH-T989 using Xparent BlueTapatalk 2

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Just to clean it up a little bit, it's not practical at all lol. That's part of building a drag bike, trying to hide wires, and just make it look very simple.


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Have patience LOL. Going out for a few runs in a little bit, track is getting groomed right now.

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Couldn't get the dumb thing to run half right today. Best was a 5.52, which should be more like a 4.7x.

There is no fuel above 6500rpm. Will have to figure that problem out tomorrow. Here's a quick video-

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxWvllljH2k&sns=em]Drag Raptor Phil's 5/18/13 - YouTube[/ame]

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Just before I launch, that's the rev limiter. The other noise is from it cutting off and not getting any fuel.

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Last weekend and yesterday, and tomorrow actually. Last weekend, took first place in the mod class, there were probably 10-15 bikes... Unfortunately no timers. Yesterday was T&T at West Michigan Sand Drags. Ran a 5.11 off the trailer with it having little traction and messed up gearing, ran a 5.0 at 57mph, and it was all down hill from there. It just spun like crazy!

Last week-


Yesterday, getting zero traction-

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