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Suzuki Quadrunner starter solenoid only clicks

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I have a '94 160cc Quadrunner. Old, but has been working great. Suddenly one day when I tried to restart it all I hear is a loud and rapid clicking from the solenoid up by the battery. I bought a new solenoid online but that doesn't fix it. I took off the starter and it spins fine on the bench. I reinstalled the starter and then went directly from the battery to the pole of the solenoid that goes to the starter and it turned over so I think the battery is ok. It was brand new last November.

I'm thinking it must be the solenoid. Seems unlikely that a brand new solenoid from Bikebandit.com would be defective but is that what the problem is? If so, I can send it back. Is there a way to test it with a multimeter to see if I get 12 volts? Could it be something else?

Sure would appreciate any help.


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i would almost guarantee that it is a battery connection, probably the (black) ground side. i would remove all the connections (from battery to solenoid and from solenoid to starter). take a piece of fine sandpaper and make a 1" square to clean the wire connectors and back of bolts and frame and starter. if you have dielectic grease, use that on connections or petroleum based vaseline.

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OK. I will try that first.

I will let you know the results. May take a few days.

BTW- I would like to make a new positive cable. I have wire suitable to make new battery cables but there is a smaller gauge red wire attached to the red battery cable. I don't know what it does so have left the cable alone. Can you tell me what the small wire is for and the best way to splice it to a new battery cable?



Edited by deke

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That was the fix!! Shining everything up did the trick!

Thanks so much. You saved me a ton of money and endless aggravation.

Next time, before throwing money at it I will check with Quadcrazy first.

Thanks a million,


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Awesome Deke ... i will get some wiring diagrams for you, i have been really hard at work and beat when i get back to camp, but i promise you i will ...

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OK. Thanks very much. They would be very helpful.


Good work, Spot on. The easy fix is always the best result

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Just did this same thing with my 1987 LT4WD. Installed a new solenoid, still just a "click." Cleaned all the connections from the battery to the solenoid, no change. Cleaned the wire connections to the starter and replaced the two nuts on the positive wire post, which were a bit corroded... fired right up. 

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