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Yamaha Moto-4 Runs and Dies Out


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Hey Quad Crazy people,

Im posting for a friend. My buddy has a Yamaha Moto-4. I believe its a 200 or a 225, not sure. Im trying to find out about the carb. The moto will run for a few minutes then just die out. Is the moto-4 the same as the blaster. let me know.


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    • By tin
      A few weeks ago, I foolishly asked my girlfriend about a quad that's been sitting under a tree at her parents' place for 25 years... This thread will be a sort of log of my attempt to resurrect it. I'm actually a computer guy, not a mechanic, so this will be quite conical for some of you, I'm fairly sure 🤣
      So far I've found out it's likely a 200. Not sure what year yet... The frame has a serial of 53J-001343 (I think). Engine appears to have the same number.
      We inflated the tyres on Saturday, which were still up today, so that seems a win. This also confirmed that the wheels do turn, as it rolled back into its 25 year old indentations as the 4th tyre started coming up.
      Oil looks used but otherwise OK. I'll change it if I actually get it running, but looks good enough for attempting to start it up again.
      Fuel tank had.... something in it. It smelt more like old stagnant water than fuel of any sort. Drained that out and flushed some clean fuel through to be sure.
      Fuel tap was jammed in the off position. WD40 and some force got it free. Did that after the fuel hose was off, so hopefully the carb isn't full of whatever it was in the ttank.
      Engine turns fairly easily with the rope start. Made typical exhaust puffing sounds.
      Unfortunately the rope mechanism was not fully rewinding, so I was limited to about half its length... And today it jammed fully pulled out. I attempted to remove the rusty screws, but one stripped it's head out. So for now the rope rewind is jammed.
      Spark plug connector seems possibly burnt inside. Black crap on both the plug and up in the connector, and the connector doesn't seem to actually stay on.
      Throttle lever is stuck fast. See photo for possible reason... Cable also feels jammed. I assume the throttle itself is jammed. That'll be fun given my skill level.
      Electrical stuff all seems dead. No headlights. No starter. No indicator lights. Could be a fuse. Could be bad connection. Not something I'm too worried about at this point.
      Front brake handle works. Parking brake clip thing was bent out of shape, but that's now fixed and working. Front brake only works on one wheel. Other one seemed rusted in place (off). WD40 and hammer got it free, although still stiff. Cable might be broken as it doesn't move at all when the handle is pulled.
      Rear foot brake works but needs adjusting.
      Other handlebar lever doesn't budge. Not sure if that's a clutch lever or rear brake... If this is the 200 version, I gather it's got a centrifugal clutch so it would be a brake lever... But I'm not yet sure exactly which model I'm working with. And the cables all disappear under the plastics and fuel tank and I didn't bother trying to trace where it goes yet.
      Thats probably about it for this post.

    • By TRUE69
      I just purchased the ATV and it run really rough with the breather filter on and lid on the breather box. Once I take the lid off and remove the filter it runs better but it backfires through the carb.
      What could I do to fix this.
      The carb is fairly new.
      And I put high grade non ethanol gas in it hoping it would help some.
    • By BuddyLee
      Just started to bog in gear.  Chineses carb.  Taken apart and cleaned.  Starts good, runs good, throttles good sitting there but as soon as try to go it will bog.  Plug is black so I cleaned and adjusted needle downwards.  Kinda lost at this point…ideas?  Thanks in advance.
    • By WIJBIRD
      Well, I’m completely stumped! I’ve been rebuilding a 1990 Big Bear 350 4X4 and finally got reverse to work. Here’s the strange thing, the shifting pattern is all wrong. Reverse is with the lever all the way forward and the forward position is down. What’s the issue? What linkage is backwards? Your help is greatly appreciated!
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    • By e.p.
      Hi all;
      New to the site. I have a 2004 Yamaha Kodiak 450 YFM45FAR that I'm having issues with the gear indicator lights. I'm having intermittent park and neutral lights and when they are not lit the starter will not work. It will start by the pull cord . Anybody else have this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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