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Looking down on the Fraser Valley

Near the top of a low  mountain  to the  north .  This spot is visible  from  my place.  Route to  it  is  up a  steep  logging  road with some drop offs well over  500  feet nearly straight down.


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Wow that is some view, and you have this from where you live? That is pretty amazing and looks like it could be a fun time on the trail!

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Here  is a view to the east from  my  deck .  I  am  in the  middle of farm land ; surrounded by  Dairy  farms and blueberry fields. The  farm buildings you see on the left were  used in a   cow/ calf  beef operation, but  he  has gone out of  beef and gone to   raising sheep  for the  lamb and wool fleece  markets.

Here  is  a view  of some  ofhis sheep taken  just a couple of minutes  ago :Oct. 2.jpg

Looking  East.jpg

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The second picture is from  late fall/  early winter  of 2012..  Took  me too  long  to edit  the comment so  had to  add the  information   here .


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