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  2. Did you have the 2 wires reversed on solenoid, the trigger wires? On some models they are 2 single wires, on others they are in a plug that only goes 1 way,I have been saving the solenoids off my old street bikes, they seem to work fine in these ATVs. Think one gets a hot signal the other goes to ground, the ground may be corroded. This is knowledge from older rig, hope it helps, but would test to see if the trigger wire is active using switch and the ground is making contact.. you will hear solenoid click if you jump those trigger wires.
  3. I would have checked with the ignition switch and followed wires to harness near steering head. It would start without the neutral light on, or whichever it is, not by my rig and been 5 months since rode it.. but recall a light came on when turned key then it would start, there is a single wire in rear that pigtails off the battery cable, would have looked there as well, easy to get bumped off if you picked up something with tires... hope you had it resolved by now, been over a year... chime in and tell us what it was..
  4. I came on to ask a similar question, take it by responses to yours, zero, that we are on our own here... My 87 decided to discharge battery when not in use, so I unhook it when she sits, a hassle, until I get a chance to figure out what the common things that go wrong when the key is off and a battery drain, seems to charge well when running. Took out a brand new Gel battery on me.. garden tractor battery strapped to rear grab bar for now, looks ghetto...
  5. Any sort of chart created to show which hubs fit upon which axle? As in hubs from an 07 fit a 87 but the total width increases by 1" per side, etc. I was hunting down a set of rear hubs to fit on my 1987 YFM350 Moto-4 to get rid of a wobble and read a few pages of search hits here, but other than some comments that many years do fit, I have no real understanding as to what could fit my 1987 or what the effect would be using different hubs. A chart would help then ordering/buying new rims would be easier when offset changes are known in some chart... I am shopping for some rears on eBay, some list the year some do not, the 07 Grizzly ones looked like they would fit but increase the width between bolt stud spacing vs the OEM style and thought a chart would help if one were available...

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