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  2. How hard is it to change the outer seals on the rear differential mine are leaking fluid and I have no idea on how to change them out any help would be great thanks
  3. Where did you get the carb kit from I haven't been able to find a carb kit for that 4 wheeler
  4. I have a kawasaki Prarie 360 that was given to me by my brother the machine was rolled about 7 or 8 yrs ago and did quite a bit of damage to the machine it crushed all the gauges, plastics and racks we are trying to figure out if the frame is bent in any way that would make it not worth our while to fix the machine what is the best way to figure out if the frame is bent any help would be great my brother did ride the machine home after it rolled please help the machine only has about 25-35 hrs on it so it's still a fairly new machine
  5. I'm new to the atv world and just got this 4 wheeler from a friend it sat for 2 yrs but starts just fine I've changed the oil and spark plugs in it and when I run it I can't see any oil in the little check window should I be able to see oil in it also when I ride it it smokes a little I'm not sure if it's burning oil or not what are some signs that it might need a top end rebuild I'm taking it in to the shop in a couple of days to have the carb cleaned and rebuilt should I just have them take a look at it

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