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  2. Update.... wasn't the oil pump. PO ran it up on a stump and broke the oil cooler right at the line coupling. pumped the oil right out on the ground. dummmmmmb. Now rebuilt. Runs great but I have bypassed the cooler until I can find one. 01 is newer style. I found a 99 but it has different fittings and no mount for the fan.
  3. Ok so I looked at another bike. Took timing chain cover off and the tip of the chain guide is in a slot on the side of the head. the bottom is in a pocket that holds it in place. It fits pretty securely when the head is bolted down. If you are not careful this guide will fit between the chain and the pocket it goes into and the guide will slide down where it does not belong. I found out. No damage done as it didn't look right so I didn't leave it there and found out the right placement. Seems idiot proof after I figured it out but it wasn't me proof the first time I set the head down. Honda all my life learning the Yamaha differences as I go. Bike runs good, so far has good pull. Used it to check and fix fence all day and it just runs better every hour.
  4. I have a really dumb question. My big bear came half apart and I am not sure how the timing chain guide is supposed to sit in there. I have the entire top end cleaned, bored, new piston, gaskets, etc. I do not see anywhere in any manual or thread where it shows how the chain guide is installed or held on place????? Also should it be the same height as the other side???
  5. Fastenal will have them. Grainger will too. Called a pan head allen bolt.
  6. Those are called bullet connectors. Specifically water proof bullet connectors. They come in three sizes so be aware or take this with you to get the right size. It actually appears that the piece is in each one that you need. Hard to see in the picture. You could take a pair of needle nose and see if the pieces inside pull apart.
  7. In a dire situation you can crimp these with a pair of bolt cutters just be aware that you do not go beyond crimping and cut it.
  8. any lineman will have the tools. many electricians will have them it is called a high press tool. many older parts stores have the tools to do a battery cable. Any electrical supply store will have the tools on the shelf just ask to try one and they will most likely let you do what you need. Might mention they also sell connectors this size in set screw instead of crimp fit. You might try that route if you can't get someone to crimp you one. All actual electrical supply stores (Butler supply, Phillips supply, etc) will have the connectors and the tools.
  9. I have a timberwolf that I love. It sat and the carb got gel from this wonderful ethanol. I cleaned it and put a new kit in it. it always started right off. now it cranks forever before it hits and then it will not idle. set according to instructions 23mm float, 4th notch on the pin, 1 1/2 turns out on the AIS. I have tried tweeking all of these some but nothing seems to make a difference. The biggest problem is that I got it back out because the wife has claimed this bike and now it will not run for her. Any help would sure get me out of a bind.
  10. I just got a big bear 400 on a trade. They say the mechanic told them the oil pump quit and it is junk. The machine looks almost new and has never left the old man's farm. It will not turn over but I have yet to determine if that is due to the issue or the guy not putting it back together right. I think he was trying to snow the old guy. Do these oil pumps quit? What is typical? I am a Honda 2 stroke guy by nature but I love my timberwolf but the wife has claimed it and figured this may be its big brother and be mine around the farm.
  11. I have a 250 timberwolf 2wd that I have beat to death on the farm. It has been great until now. Carb trouble. I cleaned the carb and set it but it will not idle and it takes forever for it to hit and start running.It has always fired right off. stumped. I also have a big bear 400 that I worked off in trade. They say it died on them and they supposedly took it to a guy that says the oil pump quit and the motor is trashed. It had brand new tires on it and I think he thought he could snow them out of the machine. Machine has never left the farm and never been ridden by anyone under 50 I don't think. Any ideas? I raced 350X and 250R for years successfully and my 250 big red has still never failed me. These Yamaha 4 strokes are a bit of a mystery to me still.

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