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  1. Hey man what is happening is your hyper extending your axle and when you land your bike all 900#s is forcing that axle to bottom out on the inside of the axle cup. Theres not muck you can so without spending the cash. cheapest option is a nice set of shocks or contact gorilla-axle.com and get you some top of the line axles. Your shocks need to be as stiff as possible to keep them from shuving all the way back in the cups.
  2. Hey man contact bayousnorkels.com and they should be able to hook you right up on your kit if not PM me back and I will see what I can do...
  3. Do you ride wheelies alot? If so the is the reason when you get those motors on an angle the oil will start to go up the crankcase hose on its on and as you continue on and you give it more gas as you know the airbox is sucking air from the get go so it makes it that much easier to get to suck it into the airbox. Hope this helps.... oh also you can take the hose extend it to the handle bars and go to autozone and buy a $5 filter and put it on the end and elimanate the problem over all.
  4. Hey man new the forum I specialize in snorkel kits im interested in helping you out!!! Look did you run all PVC or did you run flex hose? I wold make sure I was running at least 2" pipe all the way out and stay away from anything that has a ribbed inside that will cause your air going in the airbox to swirl. You may have to add a hole to your airbox and put a male and female connector and run an extra snorkel out to get enough air to the motor. Hope this helps feel free to send me an e-mail for direct further questions. [email protected] Dillon

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