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  1. One of my kids wheelers a couple years ago had a simular problem. It turned out to be a saftey relay in the brake. Assuming you have to have the brake applied when shifting. Hopefully it's that simple.
  2. I found a used one like the one I have on ebay. One click bid- - -mine.
  3. Anyone ever had to order parts to fix a Warn winch? I need the bushing that goes in-between the motor and the frame of the winch. Also need the spindle that holds the cable itself. It's a XT-25. Any sugestions on ordering parts? If you should happen to have a length of cable lying around that looks a little bigger than was originally on your winch I would suggest that you don't install said cable. (Refer to pryor paragraph).
  4. Well It's getting close. I will have a green 800 outy max with a Peterbilt emblem on the back. I'll have my 2 kids with me, both on Raptors. Hopefully some Members will be there.
  5. Hoping one of these weekends to go up to my brother-in-laws in Pembine.
  6. That really looks like a lot of fun. Would like an invite sometime. My kids and I love to play in the water and mud. The wife,not so much,she dosen't get it.We're big believers of tread lightly.I try to teach my kids to leave it the way you found it, if not better. Keep em Rollin
  7. Good clean fun right there! Where were you guys and gals riding? That looks like sooooooooo much fun.
  8. Maybe J.C. Whitney, they have alot of different automotive stuff.
  9. I think I'm ready to move to Colorado!! Those pictures are worth a thousand words, looks like you guys and gals were having a blast. And what's the problem with mud?
  10. You could also talk to your about betting an epidural injection. It's not just for the ladies giving birth. I'm having another one on Monday. What that does is block the nerve receptors that are giving you the problems. I used to work at a state mental hospital and was involved in a riot back in '94 and really skrewed up my lower back. You name it, Ive had it. Therepy, fit for work programs, pills, surgury, specialists, ect. The people that I've found to be the best for me is a pain clinic, usually the doctor is an anistesiologist and they really know their stuff, unlike me and my spelling. I know everyone is different, I'm just telling you what has helped me. keep em rollin
  11. I have a big outlander max I love to jump too!! It's a blast. Excellent picture.
  12. I've had quite a few, plus surgery. They numb the area they are going to inject pryor to sticking that huge needle next to your spine. Just kidding on the last part. It stings for a little while while injecting but that fades. You might be uncomfortable for a day then feel improvement. My first one lasted about 3 mounths and that seemed to be the norm till my surgery.
  13. Saying hello from Fond du Lac WI. My boys 14 and 11 and I love to trail ride in northern WI (Pembine area) on the county trails and also at our local track. My 14 year old really likes the air. He has a Yamaha Raptor 660 with many upgrades. My 11 year old is trying to like the air much like older brother. He also has a Raptor (350). I have an 06 outlander max 800. I also like the air, my machine likes the air but doesn't like the landings ie; broken plunge joints, axels, etc. Recently went to the Badlands in Attica IN highly recommend. Something for everyone, sand, hills, MUD, MX track, trails, MUD, pipes, chutes, and MUD!! We're going to Loretta Lynn's fall ride sponsered by the Southern Woods Riders this Oct. 17th thru 19th. Should be a good time. Anyway that's all for now. Keep em rollin, bigdaddy:usflag:
  14. It is in Hurricane Mills TN I 40 in between Nashville and Jackson exit 143 North about 15 miles. Oct. 17th-19th.
  15. Wondering if anyone was going to Loretta Lynn's fall ride? My neighbor and a couple of his buddies went last year and had a blast. This year he invited my boys and me to go with. Would like to see some members there.

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