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  1. im movin to Fort Richardson in Alaska (Anchorage) in about a month just woundering if anyone is from or been in that area to let me know about some good riding spots thanks
  2. Man its gona look and ride awsome when you are done and i love hose arms i had a set of wicked arms on my raptor and loved them but i will tell you they won't take slam down doing a wheelie doing about 50 through a field (like a dumbass) bend my upper arm and tierod and snaped the lower balljoint lol!!!!!!! anyway if you would tel me what you like and dislike about your outlaw because it is at the top of my list for my next quad
  3. well ill help with what i can a snorkel is an extention of you air intake witch will let you run in deeper water completely under water as long as all you electrical connections are sealed most are i always put silicon on all my connections anyway and yes it will run with the pipe under water but as for it stalling under water im not sure i would definitely let the bike float up some so the exhaust is out of the water before cranking it over but im sure someone else will jumb in and help me out with that answer you dont realy have to worry about destroying you engine i mean if you did get a lot of water in it you would have to get it all out before running it obviously (change oil,ext.) i ride mostly sport bikes (non 4x4) but i have had them under water for short periods many times and never had any problems besides with electrical connections thats why i started using silicon on my connections anyway im sure will get some better answers from some other members ther are a lot of knowlagble people on this site Wecome to Quad Crazy this is a great site !!!!!! well stoopidbot1 jumped in front of me wHile i was typing so know my reply sounds silly haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. That KTM is beeeaaauuutttiiiffffuuullll !!!!!!!!!
  5. hey thanks for the reply i love the idea of a ktm powerplant if i do get one another problem i have is i would want the 525 engine but he front shocks off the 450 i have heard they are a lot better witch do you think is the better trade off have you riddin one i also heard they have a light frontend witch i like a am abigger guy so i have no problem holding it down (aslo im a big wheelie guy i just love um!!!) thanks
  6. i do not own a 700 but i had a 03 660 and loved it i had the same problem with mine i went up one tooth on my front sprocket witch let me use 1st a lot more on tight trails with stock gearing 1st was useless but on tight trails 2nd was lugging to much anyway it was a cheap fix for my riding style and if 1 tooth in the front doesnt work for you just go down 1or2 in the back as for clutching a lot learn to love that clutch it will make you faster well it did for me i had a banshee befor my raptor and had to use that cluth all the time and i found riding my raptor or any other quad i ride use that clutch like you are riding a 2stoke just always helps !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. sorry cant delete this thread
  8. im looking to get a new quad soon i was set on gettin a kfx 450r but now im not sure im thinking about the outlaws anyone has any input on ether the 450 or 525s not irs i would love to hear about it!!!! thanks oh!! i do mostly aggressive trail riding (gncc) but i do like to jump and hit the track sometimes quads i have had (87 honda250x,97 yamaha warrior,01 yamaha banshee,03 yamaha raptor,03 kfx400)
  9. Havok

    South Esk Trail

    Nice!!!! where are you lol!!! (south esk trail)

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