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  1. antisoc


  2. Something like this would look good made up on the bayou also....
  3. It will take some fabricating....I couldn't get a 2000 pound winch to fit behind the stock bumper and frame.. but that bumper design maybe able to work with some fabricating and welding.
  4. The front bumper shouldn't be to hard to build.. The winch has to be mounted out front because of the radiator....and a small winch won't fit down behind the bumper low....
  5. Bought one to ride and move trailers around the yard.
  6. Moose plows are very well built for the money....highly recommend them.
  7. Jump the starter and see if it spins.
  8. It might be the baffles inside the muffler..they break loose sometimes..if you take the muffler off and something is rattling around..that is the problem.
  9. Its shaped that way because the fenders are pretty much shaped that way also..narrow in the front and wider towards the back.
  10. I use Valvoline™ 4-Stroke Full Synthetic Motorcycle Oil...formulated for wet clutches..available at autozone or advanced auto.
  11. Back of the rack is roughly 33.5" wide, Front of the rack is 30" wide, and the rack is 13.5" deep. Measured on a 98 Bayou 400 4x4

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