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  1. Frank Dimorier

    Good News

    good to see they are doing something right
  2. Frank Dimorier

    Lawnmower passenger seat

    I'm sure you could but I don't think it would work to hot.
  3. Frank Dimorier

    Do You Use GPS For ATV Trails?

    I use mine if I'm in a unfamiliar area.
  4. Frank Dimorier

    ATV Plates

    when I was staitioned in Ct, we had to get one thru the dmv, All it was good for was them collecting taxes every year
  5. Frank Dimorier

    Just another new guy

    I own a Polaris 400 sport, 500ho and 800ho
  6. Frank Dimorier

    Best/ Cheapest site/ place to get parts

    I always just hunt ebay
  7. Frank Dimorier

    2 stoke or 4.

    for a all around trail I'd go 4stroke
  8. Frank Dimorier

    Just here for manual

    here for a manual
  9. Frank Dimorier

    adding power steering to Sportsman 450

    It would be easier and cheaper to sell it and buy one with power steering.