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  2. yea ive heard of those guys, i went to there website and i like what i see, just that ASR is cheaper with the LT setup id like to go with, but ill definatly keep them in mind
  3. its my home away from home! lol me and some buddies plan on heading down there sometime in the first part of May
  4. all started when i was going into the third grade in 2000, dad traded his 89 chevy 1/2 ton long bed for a 98 Kawasaki Lakota 300... i hated him for trading that truck, and said i would never ride that quad... well a week later i hopped on and went for a ride, then a month later i was learning how to ride it. 2 weeks later i got my first quad, a 2001 E-Ton Lightning 50 (biggest pieces of sh*t ever) had that for 3 weeks, til the restrictor plate got plugged up, then dad bought a 01 Raptor 660R and i got the Lakota 300. And damn near 10 years later i still love this sport, and now im starting to get into drag racing again, with my families 1969 Mustang Grande Coupe (best year of the Stangs)
  5. welcome! im from the same area as jigolbeep, you go to Little Sahara in oklahoma?
  6. i think i remember a buddy of mine talking abuot a 496 stroker kit for these, from what i understand they keep up with 450's and dont feel too bad man, i spent about 2 minutes trying to find the word "gullable" on the side of a cooper cobra tire a long time ago!
  7. Hey ya'll, ive been looking at some other LT setups for a couple years now, mainly looking at quality and pricing... Is anyone on here running American Star a-arms? Whether there in LT setup, or sport, or MX... if anyone does, how well do they work, do they take some pretty hard its? etc... just trying to compare with other companies out there, American Star seems legit, but i want some owner info
  8. If i were your buddy and had the money laying around, invest in a Ducan Racing International kit, put some more CC's out of that little 300! its something i always wanted to do to mine before i got rid of it but didnt have the money then.
  9. i just watched Scuzz's video... dude your buddy Danny has GOT SOME BALLS!!! damn that is awesome!
  10. here we go! me doing a wheelie from the end of the dirt road all the way to Highway 47 Honda 450R Wheelie
  11. i say we should disqualify Jigolbeep because he's gone to the dirtbikes now!!! haha
  12. heres mine 2008 Honda 450ER Special Edition

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