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  1. wonder if guys ever get these running great again.I wish more replied and let us all know what it turned out wgar really was the cause which helps us all the new time. As always great reading
  2. there a tank so well made will last 100 years easy if we still have gas then
  3. look on amazon for new carb as cheap there.Just a another idea but bought one for a weedwacker for 10.00 delivered work great again.Compression good and gas is new too use highest grade OK I out of ideas but also got to be carb
  4. nope doesnt work that way you best check for spark then if have spark next is something in carb i say.
  5. i was thinking YZ as was a yamaha fan back when |I was young loved the IT as rode in mountains mostly yz were for tracks more as had to keep them in power band the it you could jump over logs what ever hit it away you went.So much fun back in the 80 I ud=se to buy and sell to keep my kids in gas and smaller bikes.My youngest was 18 months old when he got his 1st little 60 had them 70 trikes but some asshole stole them from inside our yard.I still cannot believe that give your kid a hot trike some bad dad for sure I hate thieves.Keep up your great posts bro enjoyed by many!!!
  6. best site i found in long time and the help rocks just a thanks from us Elmer Fudds trying to do what our parents did to save money but stuff has been made harder on purpose.I have fixed my stuff but have had to go to dealer on my Rhino wiring problem and they said never saw a problem like that before ever so I lucky to have a smarter dealer who guys care. Keep it great stuff coming but must say I had hundreds of toys like quads bikes skidoos over the years and well guess I have had problems mostly melt downs on older skidoos the bikes and quads are better \I guess 4 stroke is better just costs more.I miss my old ITs yamahas had every size from 125 to 465 490 much more fun then the other one which I cannot think of the two initials I want to say CR but thats Honda.I love Hondas too maybe more more really but all good. Too bad the chinese 2 strokes are over but most were junk really.The cost difference is scary really I bought new pocket bikes for under 100.oo Canadian delivered for that price amazing really. I put this is wrong place but had to say to other my 2cents worth :Lol Enjoy this site everyone
  7. Great advise and I enjoyed reading this as well I look for more as I learning too but have worked on small engines for 48 years man stuff has changed made to hard for ,most to work on except with guys like you as just time patients and money.Your a good teacher Frank I have a 350 which stopped being sold in the US market only canada but found out my cdi was done and takes a certain one only but runs perfect again hard to believe really it old and a tank bit very tough my kids road this 24/7 for years and still runs like new sat for 2 years fired up instantly when changed the CDI box.The carb never been touched either.Had to say keep the pages coming as helps everyone
  8. i have a older honda 350 cc quad that seems to start and other days will not.spark seems to be gone and there when it does run.I checked newer coil odd a older yet Honda but no help and idea I going to find the serial number as forget the year but believe around 1995 to 1997 year besides that great quad but cant run it so great this way and need it for chores around the acreage. Any help would be great. Ive check all fuses as well as the fusable ling which was fine until I screwed with it now need to buy another as have it wired not so safe.I handy but now have copd which takes away the brain power some.Any help would sure be appreciated

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