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New buy and trying to identify atv


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And once again picked up a dead atv. This time is a Yamaha Moto 4

They don't know anything about it. I cleaned up vin best as possible and 

everytime I run it it says 9th digit is wrong. The vin I punch in is ( JY43HPW08K0000690)  So I think its a 1989 and 

on the side of the motor is a 349 cc on cylinder so I assume its a 350 correct me if im wrong.

its been dead for about a year. Any info would be great to what it is for sure and if maybe there

is a manual here for download. 2wd, oil cooled, elect start only and batt is dead of course. Post couple of pics  Thanks in advance Az







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Cleaned up pretty nice, tires good, the more I check the more I like it. Oil is clean, air filter new.

plug is rich fouled but new and they said gas was leaking out of the carb so hopefully something under

the needle. Getting the carb off is going to be a pain. cant get to the cables under the tank without pulling off the

tank, in order to pull off the tank you have to pull off the front fenders and to pull them off you have to pull off the 

handle bars and all the components attached to the bars, battery is dead and no good but I think this one will turn out

fine. It also included a pull along home made heavy duty trailer. Dam thing probably weighed 500 lbs. kinda cool as it 

has airplane tires on it. Not bad for 350.00  Well it gives me something to do and keeps me busy. Az



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Yes I got the year code, its a 1989 its just weird they are saying problem with the 9th digit where you really cant

confuse that number with any other. 

No couldn't get the carb off that way but  finally tore it all apart and got the carb off that way. Needed cleaning

anyway. I always tear them down wearing gloves and with a can of raid. Everyone I have taken apart have had

pissed off black widows living in them. The same on this one. Got one under the gas tank! Anyway took the carb

apart and didn't see anything in it to make it flood. Float looks good, not full of gas. Needle is good no ring and nothing

under the needle that I could see. Gonna clean it up and see if it still floods. if it does ill get a carb kit.  Az



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Looks like it’s all in tact.  I have a similar problem here when I pick up old bikes are wasp and bees nests under the seat and plastics.   Happens a lot.  

Double check that the float is not cracked and filled with fluid.   It’s a bi*** to see but I just came across this problem. I put a flashlight on it and seen the gas inside.  If it’s a black float shake it and you will hear it.   Of just drop it in a bowl of water.  It will barley float. 

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Update. Okay got carb fixed, started it up, runs pretty good. Decided to check charging voltage. At battery only 

have between 7-8 volts while running, idle and above 4K no change. Disconnected Neg. side of battery while running

still runs same. Reconnect battery and unplug voltage regulator and voltage goes to zero. Plug back in goes to 7-8v

Disconnect at connector at stator and voltage at battery goes to zero. Plug back in and goes back to 7-8v  Main fuse is good.

My meter wont check alternating voltage but I am assuming the stator is bad. I checked each stator wire to ground and no continuity

which is good. Now my battery is bad and wont hold a charge, but I would still assume I would get charging voltage at the battery. Should

I wait to replace battery and recheck or is the stator bad? From the stator harness what are the other wires, (yellow,blue,green,)  neutral safety switch?   red and white I figure are 

pick up coil, the 3 other white wires I assume are the charging wires those are the ones I checked.  









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I would throw a new battery in before you do anything. See what your charging at after that. Either way you need a battery so might as well go ahead with that.  Check the spec on the stator output. It should be about 14 volts. But that’s an 89 I think you said so I can’t be 100% sure it’s supposed to be 14 volts. Maybe pull that stator cover and see how it looks. 

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I get no voltage at stator wires when running but am using dc meter, ordered new meter that will read ac current so have to wait for that. 

has to be charging something for the batt voltage to go from zero to 7-8v when connected. Also disconnected stator plug/key off and ohmed

term 1-2 1-3 and 2-3 all reading right about 1 ohms. Looks good to me so far. lol not gonna pull the cover until I get to check voltage with 

new meter and have new battery installed. Any one got any specs on this machine? looked at a 200 mot0 4 download but the charging system

diagnosis was worthless. 


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Thanks for the diagram. My battery and meter both showed up today. Fired it up and got 20v on each of the 3

legs coming out of the stator. Checked voltage at battery and presto have about 14v 

What did I learn? Well make sure the battery is actually good before further diagnosis. I knew it was bad

but figured I would still read charging voltage at it since it wasn't shorted, I was wrong. (2) Use the right 

tools, Im still using my old meter from when I worked on cars lol that has been before 2007 so meter was outdated

and didn't read acv. Now to clean it up good and put all back together. Thanks for the help and hope this helps some

one else with charging problems or just checking the charging system. Az


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Got it back together today and took for a ride. Runs good

only problem the reverse shift. Shifted from low to high and worked 

fine, shifted to reverse worked fine. After that wont go back to Reverse

and don't want to force it. I can see the lever on the motor trying to move

when moving shifter so cable should be ok, anyone have problems like this

and what to do to resolve it? Az

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as far as I know you just make sure its in neutral and then pull the lever from Low/High/Reverse. 

oil is full, it worked perfect the first time. I did adjust brakes but don't see how that would affect it. 

Then again I could be wrong but don't see how that's tied in to a cable going to the motor, also tried 

it with engine off. Any Yamaha experts out here? Az

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Well got home from work and decided to look at it again. 

Adjusted brakes where they used to be (back brakes) and now shifts into reverse! WTH?

Did a little experimenting.  Use front brakes only and try to shift into reverse = no go

Use rear brake only (Right Foot Pedal) push far down and it goes into reverse!

Now the rear foot brake lever doesn't trip the brake switch as light never comes on so

its not solenoid operated and don't see anything but a cable but I guess ill never understand that one.

I saw in the download on adjusting the shift lever and they talked about the brakes but really didn't make

sense to me. Guess it does effect them somehow. Put that in your note book. Any way im off again, when

im finished with it I will post some pics. That thing will burn some tires though lol. Az

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Might be one of those deals where it must be in 1st in order to go into reserve. Otherwise, sometimes you gotta rock the machine slightly while putting it in reverse to find the sweet spot. Those are great for wheelers BTW. They still use that engine design today and the fact that the machine is 30 years old and still running is the reason why!

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