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  2. Fixing up a 1998 King Quad 300. The rear brake was locked up, and the owner tried to force it free and snapped the axle. I disconnected the brake cable, and tapped on the backing plate with a soft mallet to get the brake freed up. When I pulled off the brake drum a bunch of nasty rust water came out. Once I had the axle out, I popped the boot off so I could see the inner u joint so I could phase/synchronize it with the outer. There was a flat steel disc floating around in the boot, looks like it used to be pressed into the end of the axle. Glad I got that out of there before it munched up the joint. The book says the yokes should be aligned, I couldn't get mine aligned. They were always 7 degrees off from each other. A bit frustrating, maybe that's within the tolerance limits? But I got it all back together and it runs great.
  3. I would go with a Deka or Yuasa AGM battery. The Dekas are often rebranded with other logos, same battery though. Around here Napa, Auto Zone and Oriellys have Deka with their own logo on them. They should say made by East Penn in the USA. Stay away from Batteries and Bulbs Extreme AGM batteries.
  4. It might be easier and cheaper to buy a new ignition switch.
  5. You don't need a clutch alignment tool if you pull the clutch off. Just torque it to 40 ftlbs when you're putting it back on. How much pressure should it hold for how long?
  6. Check out this article. https://atv.polaris.com/en-us/self-help/article/KA-01001/
  7. I'd like to see some pictures of your shifter!
  8. I would double check that the choke is adjusted correctly and the plunger isn't stuck. Check the pilot screw adjustment, should be 2 turns out from lightly seated. Test the needle and seat, should be able to hold 5 psi.
  9. I've used this shop many times, they're always great to deal with. Often times it's cheaper to have them make a power steering or oil cooler hose than buy a new one, and they use arctic grade hose that I've never had fail. This was the first time I've had them repair a brake hose. I had them add 1 inch of hose so it wouldn't rub like the old one did.
  10. I had to have the rear brake hose repaired since it's no longer available. Local hydraulic shop was able to reuse the metal ends and replace the rubber. New brake pads came in too! Slowly whittling away at it.
  11. Have you tried giving it a little choke while the engine is dying, just to see what happens?
  12. Measure the cam lobe, there's not much room but I was able to measure mine to see if it was within spec.
  13. Maybe both carbs have a leaking needle valve?
  14. Looks like it's right next to the carb. Here's the filter.

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