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  1. I'm sorry to hear this. I know most in here, including myself never want to see anyone get sick. I only wish the best for you.
  2. @Ajmboy Looks like great [email protected] you may have invented a new plug. I've been ready to go, but I'm installing a pool an decks for the wife.
  3. Thanks for responding. He's not a newbie he normally rides my Rubicon. This would be for him to take on our rides at the farm and different parks. I'm sure of what to check when buying. What I was wondering is if anyone new much about this model Polaris as in reliability or quirks that doesn't get talked about much.
  4. Hey everyone, been a while{honey-do list during pandemic}. I have been looking for second quad for my grandson. Though I normally prefer Honda and Yamaha, I have run across a good deal on a 2001 325 Magnum 2x4. I normally don't have problems with Polaris products but I just don't know much about this model. The bike is in great shape and it comes from a guy I've dealt with before. He and myself don't know much about the Magnum models. If anyone has had experience with this quad I'd appreciate your input. I won't be using it for work just mostly for trail riding with him. Thanks in advance.
  5. Don't know if this will help
  6. Welcome. Congrats on the new Honda, it will give you a lot of service and fun with just routine maintenance.
  7. I seem to have that happen to my videos quite often😃
  8. That looks like a great place to ride. Cool video, love those hondas
  9. Just a thought check your fuel cap. Because it runs good to start it sounds like the cap might not be venting. I maybe way off but I've ran into this before. Mine wasn't actually the cap but the vent hose attached to it. Hope that it helps you. Also welcome!
  10. @Frank Angerano be safe have fun. If your not on private land better call before you haul. Here in KY most parks have due to the pandemic.
  11. Took a little ride around the farm today. It was good to get away from the TV, Politicians, and all around bad news. Only an hour or two, but helped recharge me. This is in Western KY on our farm. About 85 degrees today here. I will still get you guys a run down in the newer ohv and atv parks here in this end of the state. But not today I'm thinking of heading back out for a night ride later.
  12. We're leaning toward a 250ex pretty dependable and lets him learn to shift without wasting clutches. KY is fairly ATV friendly. If you get the chance there are great places all over the state.
  13. 2007 Honda Rubicon, use it for a little bit of everything. Getting ready to add another quad to the garage for my grandson. I have a lead on a couple, a 250ex or a 350 Bruin. He's leaning towards the sportier bike.
  14. Thanks guys, I've been lurking around for a while. My grandson has finally decided he likes the quads better than dirt bikes. We are looking for another bike for him now. He likes my Rubicon but wants something a little sportier. I'm a big fan of Honda and Yamahas. We are fairly lucky here in Western KY with several riding areas. I will go over to the places to ride forum and leave some info if any of you end up making a trip through here and would like a quick ride.

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