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  1. im posting a reply to dirty girl kristen, well GNCC racing is mostly trails and they are riding 450s, so are prolly gettin out of the top end
  2. About 3 monthes ago i bought an 87' TRX250X, an amzing quad, fast and reliable, but it came with a cobra pipe and i dont like the power it gives me, i would like to buy an HMF slip on cause HMF gives great power, and the slip on is all HMF gives for my wheeler, but would the slip on still fit with my head pipe or should i just buy a full big gun exhaust kit, please give me some answers, and i will post pictures of my quad soon. I ice race and sorta do like GNCC racing just racing my friends through the trails and i need a better pipe and a recommened jet, iwas thinking like a 127 jetting
  3. that is a very nice machine, but i would go for a raptor 250 they give more power than a raptor 350, and the are much more stable and alot more fun to ride.
  4. truthfully i would eaither get the z400 i love themor a kawaski 450 the both have reverse, and both are very very fun to ride

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