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  2. dON'T KNOW IF IT IS RELAY OR SOLENOID. It might be an addition for my winch?? It has 4 bolts, the battery is wired to it and the winch. Cannot find it in any schematics. It is located in the back body above the muffler.
  3. Can someone tell me where I can find the rear solenoid (I think that's what it's called) it has the battery connected to it and the winch. For a 07 Honda Foreman 500?
  4. Can you believe that the Moose replacement boot is too large. Now I had to go back to the dealer and spend $61.00 for a boot. Thta kills me.
  5. Thanks Guys for the help finally got it. You cannot remove the CV joint at all from the wheel side, it all needs to slide off from the drive side.
  6. Do I need to take out the whole axle? I have the boot off, but cannot see the "C" clip, must be up in the joint/ Thanks.
  7. Ok, Anyone tell me how to get the front ankle (not sure of name) part apart to get the old boot off and new one on? It's a 4X4 front drive axle and the boot closest to the wheel. Foreman 500. The part is attached. Motorcycle Parts|ATV Parts|Honda|Kawasaki|Suzuki|Yamaha|Dealer|Wholesale Discount Prices

    NJ Newb

    New to quads. Of course now they close down the only park we had. Looking for places not to get in trouble? Freehold, NJ Honda Foreman and 660 Raptor. My sone and i just like to have fun.
  9. Has anyone tried this Driveline Performance clutch? If not what is a good replacement for a stock 660 Raptor. YAMAHA RAPTOR 660 HEAVY DUTY CLUTCH KIT!!!!:eBay Motors (item 290344185230 end time Oct-26-09 19:24:16 PDT)
  10. What is a good replacement clutch for a "04" 660 raptor stock , with out going broke? I have seen from $43 to $299. Has anyone tried the kit that has an extra steel smooth plate and it eliminates the wave washer?

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